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Taking Charge: Despite Losing Both Hands, This Man Chose to Work As A Delivery Rider

Taking Charge: Despite Losing Both Hands, This Man Chose to Work As A Delivery Rider

From working to marriage to enjoying a hobby, disability is not an obstacle to lead a normal life.

Fernando Fong

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We often hear about the challenges that people with disabilities face.

For them, physical obstacles, social rejection, academic failure, and medical crises can be more frequent and have a greater impact.

Yet some people do overcome significant challenges and lead productive lives.

Such is the inspiring story of a young man who works as a delivery rider, despite without both hands.

Through the sharing of @bulat_legends in Tiktok, the man’s circumstances gained the attention of netizens.

They praised him for working hard to earn an honest living despite his physical inadequacies.

@bulat_legends Reply to @rafiq1347 ♬ Jalanku Masih Panjang – DJ Topeng

 How Does He Achieve It?

Naturally, questions pour in from curious netizens, which the man replies on his Tiktok account.

Some asked how he carries out his daily life, and he answered the questions in a humble manner.

His shortcomings also did not prevent him from meeting his life partner, with whom he has started a family recently.

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They wondered how he rides a motorcycle, and he gladly showed them how he takes to the wheels.

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@bulat_legends Bersyukur sangat 😭 #alhamdulillah @helloqiee._ ♬ DJ Senyumanmu Membuatku Tersenyum Malu – Yudha Paramata

An Angler Enthusiast

More impressively, his favourite activity in his spare time is fishing.

Netizens are very impressed with the seriousness and enthusiasm of this man in anything he does.


jarang dapat strike sungai semilang 😜

♬ Cowok Baju Hitam – Marsya Matitaputty

Netizens also praised him for his seriousness and enthusiasm in doing just about anything in life.

In fact, many were also pleasantly surprised to see his perseverance to hold a steady job which can be physically demanding.

Hopefully, his life will serve as a testimony for others seeking to build their personal strengths and overcome the challenges in life.

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