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[Watch] Unusual Road Barrier Phenomenon Baffles Residents In Kajang

[Watch] Unusual Road Barrier Phenomenon Baffles Residents In Kajang

25 road barriers have been installed along the stretch.

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Residents in Kajang, Selangor, have been left bewildered by an unusual sight in their neighbourhood, where a straight road is lined with numerous road barriers.

A TikTok video posted by user @cikbar4k showcased the peculiar scene, capturing the attention of many online users.

The footage revealed a striking pattern of road barriers lining the residential street, sparking amusement and curiosity among viewers.

In the 32-second video, the person recording the situation from inside the car appeared entertained and simultaneously perplexed by the closely spaced road barriers.


♬ original sound – CikBarak

The location was identified as Jalan Taming Impian, where excessive road barriers have led to confusion and raised safety concerns.

Netizens shared anecdotes of car exhaust pipes breaking due to navigating through the maze of barriers and highlighted the potential risks posed by high-speed driving and frequent lorry traffic in the area.

Road Barrier Conundrum Sparks Safety Debate

According to netizens, the local council installed the road barriers in response to safety concerns, including speeding, traffic accidents, and racing gangs.

A total of 25 road barriers have been erected along the section from Taman Taming to Taman Kantan Permai, prompting lighthearted comments and comparisons to other unusual street scenes.

The peculiar phenomenon has sparked discussions about road safety and urban planning in residential areas, drawing attention to the need for effective traffic management and infrastructure development.

The bumps have become a talking point among residents and netizens, shedding light on local communities’ unexpected challenges and prompting calls for further investigation into this unique roadside feature.

Previously, residents of Kajang have expressed dissatisfaction with the prevalence of tolls and speed bumps on the roads in the area.

Understanding the Rules: Speed Bumps and Road Safety in Malaysia

Individuals cannot legally erect a speed bump on their own in Malaysia.

Local authorities regulate the installation of speed bumps and must comply with specific guidelines to ensure safety and compliance with road standards.

In Malaysia, installing speed bumps falls under the jurisdiction of local councils or municipal authorities, such as the local Dewan Bandaraya (City Hall) or Majlis Perbandaran (Municipal Council). It must also meet Public Works Department (JKR) specifications.

These bodies are responsible for road safety and infrastructure within their respective areas.

If residents feel that a speed bump is necessary in a particular area due to safety concerns, they would typically need to petition their local council.

The council would then conduct a traffic study to determine the need and appropriateness of installing a speed bump.

The council would oversee the installation process if approved to ensure it meets the proper specifications and standards.

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