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Religious Teacher Arrested On Suspicion Of Beating 8YO With PVC Pipe

Religious Teacher Arrested On Suspicion Of Beating 8YO With PVC Pipe

The victim’s aunt reports that the child was standing in a restaurant and refused to sit before being examined by the adoptive mother.

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Educating is no easy task, and teachers employ various methods to shape students into successful individuals. While some opt for a gentle approach, others use strictness.

Unfortunately, a few resort to violence, potentially harming the students.

Religious Teacher Detained for Alleged Abuse of 8-Year-Old Student

A religious teacher has been arrested on suspicion of beating and trashing an eight-year-old student with a PVC pipe at a madrasah in Sik, Kedah.

The student exhibited bruises and swelling on the back and waist, indicating the use of a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe for punishment two weeks ago.

According to Sik’s District Police Chief, Deputy Superintendent Abdull Razak Osman, the 27-year-old teacher’s arrest occurred within 24 hours of receiving a report from the victim’s adoptive mother on 11 November at 9:24 pm.

Incident Unveiled After Child Complains of Pain While Sitting

The actions of the religious teacher came to light when the child complained of pain while sitting.

A daycare business owner from Penang, the adoptive mother, visited the madrasah unexpectedly to take her adopted child, an Indonesian citizen, for a meal.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, the child complained of pain while sitting. The adoptive mother was shocked to find bruises on the child’s body and promptly filed a report at the Sik Police Station.

Following this, at around 10:38 am the next day, the police arrested the 27-year-old teacher, an educator at the madrasah, based on the complainant’s report.

Medical Expert Confirms Soft Tissue Injuries

Medical experts have confirmed that the victim suffered ‘soft tissue injuries.’

The suspect is remanded under Section 117 of the Criminal Procedure Code until 16 November, with the case referred to the state deputy public prosecutor.

The suspect will face charges under Section 31(1)(a) of the Child Act 2001, with no past records.

Earlier, the incident was shared on social media by the child’s aunt. According to her, the child was only standing in a restaurant and refused to sit before the adoptive mother conducted an examination.

“My sister and my mother (the victim’s adoptive grandmother) were trembling when they saw the marks from the beating. This is not ordinary, and my sister immediately contacted the school. However, the school did not admit fault but instead blamed my sister’s adopted child, saying he was naughty.

“He is indeed a bit naughty and active, and the family also resorts to scolding and spanking (for discipline).

“But what was done doesn’t seem like an ordinary beating or usual punishment because, if counted on the body, perhaps 16 lashes or more, and the tool used is not an ordinary cane but a PVC pipe,” she said.

Source: Facebook screenshot
Source: Facebook screenshot
Source: Facebook screenshot

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