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Generosity Shines At Ipoh Cooking Competition As Funds Are Raised For A Touching Cause

Generosity Shines At Ipoh Cooking Competition As Funds Are Raised For A Touching Cause

The funds raised during this memorable evening will contribute to constructing the Central Christian Church in Selangor.

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In a heartwarming display of culinary talent and the spirit of giving, the “ProChef” cooking competition in Ipoh witnessed a true act of generosity.

This remarkable event was organized by YMCA Ipoh, a non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to promoting social welfare and community development.

Co-organized with Little Katong Ipoh, it brought together 19 talented chefs who showcased their skills.

Leing Ti Wei, a chef from Sitiawan, emerged as the champion, winning the prestigious crown and a grand prize of RM6,000. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

But it wasn’t just about the competition; it was about making a difference in the community.

The event raised an astounding RM170,000, contributing to constructing the new Central Christian Church building in Selangor.

The participants and donors demonstrated the true essence of generosity, following in the footsteps of biblical teachings that emphasize compassion and helping others.

Generosity knows no age limit as both young and old come together to attend the charity dinner, contributing to a noble cause and making a difference in the community. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

Participants and donors generously supported the cause by purchasing bak changs (rice dumplings) and Penfold red wines, contributing to the fundraising efforts.

Guests were enthralled with a captivating performance of the Korean non-verbal comedy show Nanta. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

Singer Eva Tan from Perak Art Society captivated the audience with their melodious performance of classic Teresa Teng songs, including “燒肉粽” (Roasted Pork Dumplings) and “美酒加咖啡” (Fine Wine And Coffee), both iconics ballads that tells a story of love, longing, and nostalgia.

Tan’s expressive vocals and the song’s narrative create a sense of yearning that resonates with the guests.

Singer Eva Tan from Perak Art Society received a heartfelt gesture as Datuk David Tan from Little Katong presented her with a rose, adding an extra touch of emotion to the moment. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

Uniting Hearts and Satisfying Appetites

The competition itself was filled with excitement and surprises.

Participants were only given the cooking theme on the event day, challenging their creativity and pushing them to think outside the box.

With limited resources, they showcased their culinary prowess by creating delectable dishes using ingredients provided by the organizers.

YMCA Ipoh President, Datuk Daniel Tay (second from right), is presented with a plaque of appreciation from the Central Christian Church, recognizing his contributions and dedication to the community. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

The judging criteria encompassed not only taste but also presentation and creativity.

The dishes prepared by these talented chefs were a feast for the senses, leaving judges and spectators in awe.

It was a testament to their passion and dedication to their craft.

Ipoh Timur MP Howard Lee Chuan How graced the occasion, supporting the participants and the noble cause behind the competition.

Ipoh Timur MP Howard Lee Chuan How (centre) showing his support for the talented participants and the noble cause behind the ProChef cooking competition. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

Also present was Datin Janet Yeoh, the mother of popular Malaysian actress and Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh.

Her presence at the event added prestige and highlighted the significance of the cause, inspiring others to contribute and make a difference in the community.

Datin Janet Yeoh (right) graces the occasion with her unwavering support and encouragement, symbolizing her commitment to uplifting and empowering individuals in charitable endeavors. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

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