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Toll Gantry Construction Near Genting Highlands Halted

Toll Gantry Construction Near Genting Highlands Halted

The local council has issued a Stop-Work Order, requiring the developer to halt any further construction efforts until they apply for review and evaluation.

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The Bentong Municipal Council (MPB) has taken action against the alleged unauthorized construction of a toll gantry near Gohtong Jaya, the gateway to the renowned hilltop resort Genting Highlands.

MPB has issued a stern stop-work order, citing the developer’s failure to seek proper approval or comply with necessary conditions before commencing construction.

According to an MPB source, the developer neglected to submit essential documents, including a building plan, planning permission, and detailed piping and road layout information.

As a result, no permission was granted to construct the toll gantry.

MPB clarifies that although they were informed that the gantry was intended for toll booths, the authority to collect toll charges does not fall under their jurisdiction.

NST reported that a state government official, speaking anonymously, revealed that no proposal had been presented regarding a one-way trip toll charge for visitors heading to Genting Highlands.

The official emphasized that any such plans should be brought to the attention of the Pahang government and discussed in the state executive council (exco) meeting, involving relevant departments such as finance and transportation.

While it has been reported that Lingkaran Cekap Sdn Bhd, responsible for road maintenance in Genting, would oversee toll operations, concerns have been raised about the lack of consultation with the Finance Ministry and Transport Ministry regarding toll collection.

The proposed toll gantry on private land has sparked controversy and calls for transparency in decision-making processes.

Pahang Unity, Tourism, and Culture Committee Chairman Leong Yu Man expressed surprise, stating that the matter had never been addressed in state executive council meetings.

A bird’s eye view of the winding road leading up to Genting Highlands, overlooking the scenic Chin Swee Caves Temple. (Pix: Fernando Fong).

Mounting Pressure on Authorities to Uphold Proper Protocols

As tensions escalate and questions surrounding the toll gantry persist, authorities are pressured to clarify and ensure proper protocols are followed in future developments near Genting Highlands.

Speculations have been spreading about the possibility of Genting Highlands implementing a toll fee, triggered by the emergence of online photos depicting what seemed to be a toll gantry.

The unexpected installation of a toll gantry raises suspicions of a profit-driven scheme benefiting certain individuals.

The pressing question now is: Who stands to gain from this?

Netizens said Genting wasn’t struggling financially and wondered if they needed to impose toll charges.

They suggest abolishing the toll at Gombak would be better and only having a toll for accessing Genting.

A Journey to a Cool and Refreshing Paradise: Defying Challenges and Carving a Path

The development of the resort and the road leading to it can be traced back to the vision of the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong.

In the early 1960s, Lim came up with the idea of a hill resort near the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur.

The idea was to create a retreat where city dwellers could escape the tropical heat and enjoy a cool and refreshing environment.

The construction of the road to Genting Highlands began in 1965.

It was a challenging project due to the steep and rugged terrain.

The initial plan was to build a 20-kilometre-long road from the foothills to the peak, which was later extended to 30 kilometres to ensure a safer gradient.

Despite numerous challenges, including landslides and financial difficulties, the road was completed in 1969.

Today, the Genting Highlands road is well-maintained and is the main route for visitors to the resort.

It is a testament to the vision and determination of Lim and his team.

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