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[Watch] Up To 50 People Crammed Into Tiny Rooms Resembling Graves In KL

[Watch] Up To 50 People Crammed Into Tiny Rooms Resembling Graves In KL

They are provided with only one mattress, a charging plug, and a single light bulb while being forced to share the cramped living space.

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In Kuala Lumpur, disturbing living conditions were uncovered as the Local Government Development Ministry, in collaboration with the Fire and Rescue Department, conducted a surprise inspection of a building in Jalan Maluri.

The two-story shop house’s premises housed up to 50 residents in 38 cramped and poorly ventilated rooms.

Each room, with a monthly rent of RM300, was furnished with only one mattress, a charging plug, and a single light bulb.

The building lacked proper fire safety measures and emergency lighting, posing a significant risk to the occupants.

Minister Expresses Shock and Dismay Over Hazardous Living Conditions

Local Government Development Minister Nga Kor Ming expressed his shock and dismay at the conditions he witnessed during the inspection.

“The rooms were cramped and smelled bad, with no air circulation or human dignity. The landlords are risking the lives of their tenants for profit,” he exclaimed.

The operation carried out under the banner of “Operasi Menghalang Bahaya Kebakaran” (Operation to Prevent Fire Hazards), was launched following a public complaint about the premises.

The building owners had previously been warned about their illegal renovation work, which had created hazardous living conditions.

The ministry has issued a notice to eliminate fire hazards under Section 8 of Act 341, Fire Services Act 1988.

Failure to comply with the notice will result in legal action against the owners.

Urgent Call for Stronger Housing Regulations as Dangerous Living Conditions Persis

This discovery highlights the urgent need for proper housing regulations in Malaysia.

The government is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens and will continue to investigate and take action against landlords who subject their tenants to such dangerous living conditions.

This latest incident is just one of many cases of subdivided housing in Kuala Lumpur and other urban areas.

In a recent incident in Ipoh, a surprising and unconventional transformation occurred.

A kitchen, typically known as the heart of a home, underwent a remarkable change and was converted into a room available for rent.

With no end to this crisis, authorities are calling for stricter enforcement of housing regulations to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

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