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Heartbroken Man Can Only Watch As Cultivated Fish Stolen by Trespassers

Heartbroken Man Can Only Watch As Cultivated Fish Stolen by Trespassers

Uncle Yen explained that an unidentified individual had previously arrived, accompanied by his wife, to catch tilapia fish.

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The environment stands as one of God’s most valuable gifts in life, as humanity greatly depends on the Earth’s natural resources. Thanks to a clean environment, we can breathe in fresh air.

However, due to the avarice of a few individuals, the nation’s ecosystem has suffered, and certain flora and fauna species are now endangered.

Uncle Yen Disheartened to Witness Others Capturing His Cultivated Tilapia Fish

Recently, a viral video clip was uploaded on Instagram (@urbanorchardkl), depicting Yen Maseri Idris, more commonly known as ‘Uncle Yen’ expressing his dismay after discovering that several people had trespassed into the river area where he nurtured tilapia fish.

This incident occurred last Saturday (16th September) at approximately 10:35 a.m., just after he had returned from celebrating Malaysia Day and the 10th anniversary of RA SS20 Central.

According to Yen, he witnessed several men damaging the ecosystem and fishing for tilapia fish that he had raised and fed for the past five years.

In the same post, he mentioned that he had taken care of the river’s environment and ecosystem in that area to create a beautiful environment for future generations.

“All this is for your children and your grandchildren. One day – at the end of the tunnel you will see a bright sunlight for the future generation. Before I gone for good – I will leave something that you, your children and grandchildren will never forget,” Yen explained through a reply in the comments section.

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Source: @urbanorchardkl / Instagram

Uncle Yen Reports to the Police After Disturbance to the River He Cared For

On the same day at 12:49 p.m., Uncle Yen stated that he had contacted the TTDI police station regarding the issue. According to the police, they cannot take any action as the river belongs to the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (JPS).

If the river indeed belongs to him, he should provide proof of ownership to the police.

“The river does not belong to you or me and neither to the Jala people. The river belong to the government but the ecosystem belong to all citizens. I take care of the river, the ecosystem and have been feeding the fish everyday for the last 5 years. Don’t I deserve some credit for that?” he asked.

Source: @urbanorchardkl / Instagram

Not satisfied with the authorities’ response, he later took action by filing a police report at 1:30 p.m., stating that a fisherman had previously come on 1 September to catch fish with his wife.

The individuals who caught his livestock were also accused of selling the fish and damaging the river’s ecosystem, which is the habitat of tilapia fish.

“If the police cannot take action then who can?” Uncle Yen questioned.

The Public Offers Support and Encouragement to Uncle Yen

In the comments section, it is clear that the public is offering words of encouragement to Uncle Yen during his time of sadness.

Source: @urbanorchardkl / Instagram

Some of them also mentioned that the area is undoubtedly public, but others should not be allowed to fish as they please.

“Perhaps the Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL) can put up signs prohibiting fishing to ensure the existing ecosystem is preserved,” one woman suggested in the comments.

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