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[Watch] DAP Freezes Party Membership of Member for Hostile Remarks: No Holds Barred

[Watch] DAP Freezes Party Membership of Member for Hostile Remarks: No Holds Barred

The DAP member commented provocatively and vulgarly about the 3R issue, UMNO and MCA.

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The Democratic Action Party (DAP) has frozen the party membership of a member who made hostile remarks at a fundraising dinner in Balakong.

The party member commented provocatively and vulgarly about the 3R issue (race, religion and royalty), UMNO and MCA.

DAP Secretary-General Anthony Loke condemned the remarks and issued a statement immediately freezing his party membership.

Loke emphasized that his remarks did not represent the party leadership’s position and appealed to Pakatan Harapan (PH) and Barisan Nasional (BN) supporters not to be affected by the video.

He said the video of the remarks was deliberately circulated by people with intentions to undermine the momentum of the election between PH and BN.

Loke also clarified that the dinner was held in June, not during the election period.

UMNO leader threatened to take matters into his own hands

UMNO Youth leader Dr Akmal Saleh criticized the remarks and demanded the DAP leadership to apologise.

He also called on Loke to find out the party member and for him to apologize publicly and receive appropriate punishment. c

If not, Akmal threatened to find out the party member personally.

The DAP member hit out at UMNO and MCA and pointed out that the relevant political parties have made our country backwards for decades.

He also called on party members to support PH in the 6 state elections, warning that not doing so may cause party members to switch to PAS and the unity government led by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to collapse.

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The incident highlights the importance of responsible speech and behaviour for political parties and their members.

The DAP leadership’s swift action in freezing Li’s party membership demonstrates their commitment to maintaining high standards of conduct within the party.

The political relationship between UMNO, MCA, and DAP has been historically complex and often contentious.

Shifting political alliances and rivalries

UMNO is a major Malay nationalist party that has historically championed the interests of the Malay majority and played a significant role in forming Malaysia’s government.

MCA, on the other hand, supposedly represents the interests of the Malaysian Chinese community.

UMNO and MCA are founding members of BN, which has dominated Malaysian politics for decades.

DAP, however, is a multi-racial party that promotes social justice, democracy, and equality.

It has been a strong opposition against BN, often criticizing UMNO and MCA for their race-based politics and alleged corruption.

While these parties have different ideologies and agendas, they are not “mortal enemies” in the literal sense.

In politics, alliances and rivalries can shift depending on changing political landscapes, public sentiment, and strategic interests.

In Malaysia’s recent political history, we have seen instances where former rivals have formed coalitions or worked together to achieve common goals.

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