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Another Alleged Stalking Victim Tells Story Online, Pleads For Action

Another Alleged Stalking Victim Tells Story Online, Pleads For Action

The female victim has been under severe stress since her former employee started harassing her through phone calls and social media messages.

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Women’s safety has been a prevalent issue among the public for quite some time now. Since local photographer, Acacia Diana especially came out recently about her traumatic experience, many have become more aware of the issue. 

Now, a Twitter user, @fifahroslan, known as Afifah, is adding to the awareness by sharing her recent experience with harassment. 

In a long Twitter thread, Afifah revealed that since last year, a former employee had allegedly been harassing her through phone calls and social media messages. The situation has left her in a state of stress, trauma, and fear. 

The event first played out at her workplace last year, when she worked together with him at her coffee shop. She revealed that even then, she was uncomfortable with his presence as he would often make late-night video calls. 

Screenshots of their conversations Twitter @fifahroslan

“He was my former employee when I started the coffee business. Throughout my work, I never felt comfortable with him. My business partner will deal with him on my behalf. Yet, he would always video call me at night but I never pick up. Only dealt with him via text.” 

Things then changed when the man quit his job without giving any notice. A month later, he started calling but Afifah would pass the phone to her business partner to communicate with him. 

Unwilling to give up, he started reaching out to her through social media, expressing his love for her. And when she replied to him by telling him that she was married, he claimed Afifah led him on. 

Yet, he remained persistent and continued disturbing her, even during the time when she was performing Umrah in the holy city of Mecca. 

Twitter @fifahroslan

“He found me on all of the platforms, Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin. I automatically block whenever I see his name. But he will never stop.” 

In May of last year, he then created a new account on social media and started sending strange messages. Even more worrying, Afifah also received a ‘voicemail’ from him despite having blocked his phone number. 

“On the same day, he sent a voicemail saying ‘I have to see you too. What happens, happens”. I blocked his number and I have no idea how I can still receive this. I heard the voicemail and I am shaking. I don’t feel safe at all.” 

Police Report 

Left with no choice, Afifah filed a police report against him. However, the police said they were unable to do anything and only asked her to contact the nearest police station if he came near her. 

She also sought help from her business partner, asking him to tell the man to stop harassing her. While it worked for a while, the man eventually went back into his creepy ways, expressing his longing for her on social media. 

But this time, he was a lot more aggressive as he created various fake accounts to follow Afifah, her family members, sales agents, and her business accounts on social media. 

In fact, only yesterday, he went to the measure of calling Afifah’s HQ office’s business phone number. 

“He is still bothering me. But this time is so extreme that he is looking for my Hq’s number. The staff is careful to let me know because I don’t want to be traumatised. And yes, I can’t work at all when I get this news.” 

Afifah has since lodged another police report. The response sadly has been the same. Though, she remains hopeful that the authorities will do something about the matter. 

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