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Growing Support For ‘Cikgu Ponteng’ Whistleblower Nurhaizah Ejab

Growing Support For ‘Cikgu Ponteng’ Whistleblower Nurhaizah Ejab

Former teacher and whistleblower Nurhaizah Ejab, who testified against educators who repeatedly skipped classes, is gaining increasing support from the public.

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In a series of shocking revelations brought to light through the Tiada.Guru campaign on Twitter, serious allegations of misconduct within the education system have emerged.

The campaign, led by @tiadaguru, has shed light on several disturbing incidents involving teachers and administrators of SMK Taun Gusi in Kota Belud, Sabah.

They are calling for the government to protect Nurhaizah Ejab as a whistleblower.

With a petition running, the campaign said: “She is now a historic Ministry of Education whistleblower teacher. But until now, she has no whistleblower protection. Where are our politicians, police, MACC, and the Education Ministry?”

One of the revelations, citing court transcript involves a teacher who courageously reported on absent history teachers.

Reporting absent teachers leads to alleged attack from administrator

However, instead of being supported, the teacher was allegedly attacked by the administrator who was said to have been protecting the absent teachers.

This allegation has raised concerns about the integrity of the education system.

There were also allegations of marks being fabricated to make the school look good but the campaign did not clarify whether these fabricated marks were ever rectified, raising questions about the credibility of academic achievements.

Zooming in on Nurhaizah, she took matters into her own hands to expose a teacher’s negligence.

Whistleblower exposes teacher’s negligence through GoPro footage

In 2017, Nurhaizah discreetly placed a GoPro camera in a fellow teacher’s classroom to gather evidence.

Through 80 time-stamped recordings, she revealed that the teacher, identified as JJ, consistently failed to attend class, leaving the students without proper instruction.

The audacity of this misconduct raises concerns about the welfare and education of Kota Belud’s children.

Nurhaizah’s actions have sparked discussions about the need for whistleblower protection and independent investigations with disciplinary powers.

She is being hailed as a true public servant, advocating for transparency and accountability within the education system.

It raises questions about the effectiveness of existing safeguards and calls for immediate action to restore public trust.

Collective efforts in supporting the Tiada.Guru campaign

The Tiada.Guru’s campaign has been supported by three courageous individuals: Rusiah, Calvina, and Nur Natasha.

Their collective efforts highlight the uphill battle those seeking justice and reforms within the education sector face.

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As these revelations unfold, the public demands swift and decisive action from relevant authorities to address these issues and ensure the integrity of the education system for the betterment of students and society.

Nurhaizah’s supporters have called on politicians, police, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), and the Ministry of Education to investigate any criminal actions shared by her and other plaintiffs through their testimony, documents and audio-video recordings.

Nurhaizah’s testimony in the Kota Kinabalu High Court earlier this year revealed that her complaints and reports about the absentee teacher were ignored in 2015.

She also received threats to her safety after raising the issue of teachers skipping classes.

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The need for whistleblower protection and independent investigations

The Tiada.Guru campaign has urged all MPs to support laws that protect whistleblowers from executive interference.

They believe all teachers should be free to voice their concerns without fear of retribution.

The campaign has called for an independent Public Ombudsman to investigate such cases and take appropriate enforcement action.

As Nurhaizah prepares to testify again in the upcoming trial, her growing support has pressured the government to protect whistleblowers in the public service.

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