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Young Man Forced To Get A Honda With RM1,500 Salary

Young Man Forced To Get A Honda With RM1,500 Salary

The man turned to social media for advice.

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Owning a car in Malaysia is often seen as a social status symbol.

This is particularly true in urban areas where owning a car can signify affluence and success.

And sometimes, it creates unrealistic and unhealthy expectations.

A young man who has started working is overwhelmed by the pressure of his parents to buy an ‘imported’ car.

He took to social media to vent his feelings and seek opinions from netizens.

My salary is only RM1,500, but my parents keep pushing me to buy a Honda car; they say it is their dream car, but I know that I do not have the ability (to afford the car)

The young man expressing his dilemma.

However, what makes him sad the most is that his parents often tell him that other people’s children have already made it big.

He posted anonymously via the @ConfessTweet Twitter account that his mother was a housewife and his father hadn’t worked due to illness.

His brothers and sisters will give money to the parents monthly because they have no income.

Think Twice Before Taking Out A Car Loan

Netizens empathised with the man’s situation, as car loans can burden some Malaysians.

In the young man’s case, the case is quite straightforward.

The most affordable Honda, the BR-V, would cost at least RM1,000 a month in instalments with a seven-year loan, not to mention the downpayment of 10 per cent.

It would be impossible for the man to get a loan with that salary unless he could fork out 40 per cent in downpayment.

Hence, the hardship is especially true for those struggling financially or who have taken out loans beyond their means.

Car loans in Malaysia can come with high-interest rates, making ownership costs more expensive.

Additionally, some car loans may require a large down payment, which can be difficult for some people to afford.

Speaking The Truth In Love

Since his parents often compared other people’s children to him, one day, the young man couldn’t help but speak up.

He asked his parents not to dream of living a luxurious life but to ask if the family could live a simple life.

As a child, I hope other parents do not just ask when you will buy a Honda. When are you going to change jobs and buy yourself a Honda?

The young man hoping that parents would be more understanding.

He said it would be better for parents to put it another way, such as telling the children: Mom prays that you will have a successful career and be able to buy a Honda car in the future.

His problem is not uncommon in Malaysia, where social standing is often based on the mode of transportation and the brand of the car you drive.

In all fairness, having one’s vehicle provides convenience and mobility, which are highly valued in Malaysia.

It’s also worth noting that many factors contribute to social status in Malaysia, and owning a car is just one of them.

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