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Police Investigate Uncle Who Protected His Dogs From MBPJ

Police Investigate Uncle Who Protected His Dogs From MBPJ

The uncle is being investigated for obstructing civil servants from doing their job.

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Police have opened investigation papers on an incident involving the capture of stray dogs by the Petaling Jaya City Council (MPBJ).

Petaling Jaya District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Mohamad Fakhrudin Abdul Hamid, said the incident happened around 9 pm.

When the operation was ongoing, a man tried to prevent it by bringing the dogs to be caught into his premises. The man’s action foiled the operation.

Assistant Commissioner Mohamad Fakhrudin Abdul Hamid elaborating on the incident.

He said the incident, which happened at Taman Kanagapuram recently, triggered a fight between the man and MBPJ enforcement during the operation.

The elderly man was hit by a rod used to catch the dog when the fight took place.

The case is being investigated under Section 323 and Section 186 of the Penal Code.

Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong?

The incident divided netizens, some saying MBPJ should be considerate and not have assaulted the senior citizen.

At the same time, others said MBPJ workers are just doing their job, and the dogs are wild and dangerous.

Politicians have also weighed in on the matter.

Petaling Jaya MP Lee Chean Chung said the public deserves an explanation from MBPJ.

Lee has also issued an official letter to the MBPJ Integrity Unit for their actions regarding the case.

In addition, he is asking for clarification on the standard operating procedures (SOP) used by MBPJ when carrying out dog-catching operations.

Meanwhile, MBPJ said it is aware of the incident going viral on social media and the city council promised an internal investigation.

MBPJ emphasised that it will not compromise and protect any staff if they are proven to have committed a wrongdoing.

The public can channel complaints on the Council’s official channel on the website, email at

They can also call the complaint hotline at 03-7954 2020, through the WhatsApp application channel at 011-12017914, Facebook MBPJ Complaint and MBPJ eComplaint application.

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