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[Watch] Bossku Supporters Cry, Pray And Chant ‘Hidup Najib’ Outside The Federal Court

[Watch] Bossku Supporters Cry, Pray And Chant ‘Hidup Najib’ Outside The Federal Court

Najib’s legion of fans say he speaks and understands the interests of Malaysians.

Fernando Fong

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If you support or stay with someone through thick and thin, you always support or stay with them, even if it doesn’t make sense to others.

Supporters of former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, fondly known as ‘Bossku’, have painted a dramatic picture as his SRC International conviction appeal nears the end.

They wept over his looming jail term and prayed to the Almighty to vindicate him, chanting ‘takbir’, a typical Islamic Arabic expression meaning God is great.

With much zeal, Najib’s supporters also chanted ‘Hidup Najib’ (long live Najib).

Social media have been flooded with videos showing pro-Najib loyalists in deep emotions as they gather outside the Federal Court in Putrajaya.

Undying Loyalty

Their passion for the Pekan MP drew the ire and amazement of netizens who see it as something that defies logic.

Najib’s critics said his supporters must have lost their minds to blindly support a convicted criminal.

They also compared Najib’s supporters to former American president Donald Trump’s fans.

Others claimed that Najib’s supporters are only there because they are paid and would no longer appear once their paymaster is behind bars.

Don’t Judge! 

In Najib’s defence, some said it’s not right to judge people sent to prison.

They added that Najib must have done many good things, which is why some Malaysians continue to stand by him.

They added that his immense popularity on Facebook after he lost the election in 2018 would surely count for something.

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At the same time, Najib’s supporters said his imprisonment would not be in vain.

They believe it would galvanise the people to vote for his party Umno and Barisan Nasional in the next general election.

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