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[UPDATED] KKM Turns Off Twitter Comments After Claiming “We’re Not Asking To Be Abused”

[UPDATED] KKM Turns Off Twitter Comments After Claiming “We’re Not Asking To Be Abused”

A government body closed communications with the public.

Anne Dorall

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[UPDATE]: It seems that KKM has come under attack recently on social media by anti-vaxxers and Covid-deniers in the Malay and Bahasa Malaysia-speaking community which may have been why their post was worded in the way it was.

Health Ministry staff have faced harrassment on social media from these groups, including being called fakes and liars, being threatened with stoning, and more.

The Health Ministry’s official Twitter account, @KKMPutrajaya, has turned off their Twitter comments after netizens lambasted the account for a Tweet.

The Tweet, posted on 5 May 2021, showed a video of the effort requied to ensure a Covid-19 patient receives adequate amounts of oxygen. 7 PPE-clad healthcare workers were shown trying to turn over a patient in a hospital bed in Sungai Buloh Hospital. The video itself was taken by a doctor in the hospital, and oddly upbeat music was used.

Respect the staff nurses and doctors at ICU. We’re not asking to be abused because netizens aren’t allowed to go back for Raya.


After a year of Covid-19, everyone is on edge

The passive-aggressivness of the Tweet on the national social media platform rubbed many netizens the wrong way.

Many netizens were quick to call out the unusual blame game. Even more were flabbergasted over the assumption that the rakyat do not respect healthcare frontliners.

Many wondered who the social media account manager is to approve a post they deemed as “unprofessional”.

Closing comments on an official government account

Later on, the account disabled comments on their social media channel. Critics have since been quoting the account, saying disabling comments shows a lack of professionalism for a government body.

Many condemned the move, as a government body, especially one as important as healthcare in the middle of a pandemic, should have two-way communication with the citizens.

The Health Ministry’s Twitter account has still disabled comments at the time of writing.

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