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Possible Salmonella Contamination Detected In Eggs From Malaysian Farm

Possible Salmonella Contamination Detected In Eggs From Malaysian Farm

The eggs have been pulled from supermarket chains such as AEON.

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A Malaysian poultry farm had its eggs recalled in Singapore over fears of a possible Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) contamination.

These eggs were stamped with “CEM014” and were exported from Linggi Agriculture Sdn Bhd in Malacca.

As a precautionary measure, the importers of the egg products, An Hong Egg Supplies, Chuan Huat Poultry Farm Pte Ltd, Dasoon Pte Ltd, and FE Supply Pte Ltd, have been advised to recall all the eggs.

Salmonella fears

Salmonella is a foodborne illness and while not fatal, often leads to many days of misery that makes you wish you were dead. Salmonella infections lead to fevers, diarrhea, stomach cramps, vomiting, and bitter regret over the things you put in your mouth.

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The bacteria, however, will die when cooked fully. Hence, it is always advisable to eat food (especially eggs) that are not raw or undercooked. Malaysians tend to enjoy runny eggs such as telur mata or soft-boiled eggs, which err on the undercooked side.

If you are in Malaysia and have eggs stamped with CEM014, you can check if your grocery store is offering refunds, or simply make sure the egg is fully cooked before consuming.

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