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Woman Who Claimed She Found Nail Clippings In Rice At TTDI Restaurant Locks Account, Changes Username, Makes Comeback

Woman Who Claimed She Found Nail Clippings In Rice At TTDI Restaurant Locks Account, Changes Username, Makes Comeback

She claimed that her mother found six nail clippings in the rice they bought for lunch from the restaurant.

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UPDATE: The Twitter account that made the allegation yesterday was discovered to have locked her account and changed her username this morning, however later in the afternoon, we discovered that she changed her username back to the old one and unlocked her account. The original post is now visible again on Twitter.

Nail clippings are not something you would expect to find in your rice while dining out.

Twitter user @aliailysha posted two photos on the microblogging site yesterday which made many feel sick to the stomach.

She alleged that while having lunch with her mother at a restaurant in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, they discovered six nail clippings in her mom’s plate of rice.

She also alleged that her mom had chewed two nail clippings before they realised what it was.

However, this allegation has taken a rather odd turn this morning.

After the original post went viral, amassing over 8k retweets, the post is now deleted.

Not only that, @aliailysha locked her Twitter account and changed her username to @hatsunebingus.

A screenshot of the post on Twitter before it was deleted.

The restaurant responded to the claims

Meanwhile, the restaurant posted a statement on its official Facebook page addressing the claim.

The restaurant apologised for allegedly serving the customer contaminated food and said they took the matter seriously.

The restaurant promised to investigate how the issue happened and reiterated that the customer’s safety and satisfaction are their utmost priority.

They also emphasised that the recent incident does not reflect the high standards they have set since the restaurant’s establishment.

As a promise, they will tighten their quality control and send their staff for food safety training.

In addition to their commitment to improving their services, they welcome customer feedback to prevent similar incidents from happening.

The restaurant ended the statement by thanking customers who have supported them all this time.

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