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Still Avoiding Pineapples During Pregnancy? Here Are 6 Health Myths, Debunked

Still Avoiding Pineapples During Pregnancy? Here Are 6 Health Myths, Debunked

From restrictions to showering at night to eating soy sauce, Malaysians believed a lot of health myths that have no scientific backing.

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Malaysians have a lot of old wives’ tales or as we’re all familiar with, “Kata Orang Tua Tua“. Some are just superstitious beliefs while others may have some truth to them.

But sometimes, some of the things they say, are not proven to be true. Recently, a doctor that goes by Dr Samhan, shared a post on Twitter, addressing 6 common myths that Malaysians still believe to this day.

Here are some of the myths explained below:

1. Pineapples do not cause miscarriage, in fact, they make your period smooth

There is no scientific evidence to support that pineapple is dangerous during pregnancy. The myth stems from the fact that bromelain, a type of enzyme is not recommended during pregnancy.

According to Healthline, although bromelain is found in the core of the pineapple, a single serving of pineapple isn’t likely to impact your pregnancy. Hence, a normal intake of pineapples during pregnancy is totally okay.

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Besides that, bromelain also stimulates the body’s production of substances that combat pain and swelling. Apart from its tendency to induce menstrual bleeding and period, it also helps muscles to relax and help in blood circulation.

2. Soy sauce has a high amount of salt but it doesn’t cause black scars

It is believed that the dark pigment in soy sauce will result in scabs turning dark and leaving lasting scars.

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But this is simply not true. Although it contains tyrosine that contributes to the darkening of the skin, other food like lima beans, lentils, and snow peas also contain higher tyrosine levels and they do not have any darkening effects.

3. Bathing at night doesn’t cause water to enter the lungs, in fact, it gives a better sleep!

It is believed that bathing at night might cause your lungs to be filled with fluids like some of the conditions below.

Pneumonia is caused by a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection that makes your air sacs fill with fluid or pus while Pulmonary Edema is a condition caused by too much fluid in the lungs. Another condition synonym with “water in the lungs” is Pleural Effusion, which is the build-up of excess fluid between the layers of the lungs.

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All of these are not caused by taking shower late at night, according to Dr Helmy Haja Mydin, a physician specialising in respiratory medicine at Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

In fact, showering at night or before bed can improve your sleep.

4. Crab is nutritious and rich in protein, but it is not a treatment for dengue!

Some believe that because sea crabs are rich in protein and essential nutrients, they can help cure dengue fever, which is simply misguided as there is no further research to prove it.

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If the aim is to increase protein, then chicken soups and bean soups can be equally effective. They provide more protein and are cheaper and easier to obtain.

5. Cucumber is good for body hydration, it does not cause vaginal discharge!

Most vaginal discharge or Leucorrhoea in women is normal. It occurs when a woman experiences changes in accordance with their menstrual cycle.

Leucorrhoea occurs for several reasons but eating cucumber is not one of them. To date, there is no study that connects eating a cucumber and the cause of vaginal discharge in women.

6. Eggs are a good source of protein, they don’t cause festering wounds!

Once upon a time, we were told to avoid eating eggs right after surgery, during pregnancy, while having a fever or under other certain conditions. It is believed that it might cause our wounds to itch, fester and take a long time to heal.

However, according to KKM, there are no studies to support this claim. In fact, eggs are a good source of protein and are rich in minerals as well as vitamins.

(Credit: KKM / Facebook)

Exceptions can be made for those who have an allergic reaction to eggs. Those guys will surely have allergic reactions such as itching and rashes when they consume eggs.

Now that we know these claims are merely myths, what are some of the old wives’ tales that you still believe?

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