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Redeem Your RM50 ePenjana Credit By Downloading MySejahtera App

Redeem Your RM50 ePenjana Credit By Downloading MySejahtera App

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News that Malaysians will be getting another RM50 e-wallet credit under the Penjana initiative to aid in the recovery of the economy was warmly welcomed. Now, however, it seems that to redeem the RM50, you must first download the MySejahtera app on your phone.

The MySejahtera app was developed by the government to assist in managing the Covid-19 outbreak in Malaysia. It has real-time updates on the number of active, recovered, and fatal cases. It helps to keep track of hotspots and high-risk zones, letting you check-in at shops that you are visiting, and determines if you need to take additional precautions if you are a high-risk individual.

Screenshot of the MySejahtera app’s updated statistics on Covid-19 cases in the country.
(Credit: MySejahtera)

In an effort to get more people to use the app, the government set the new MySejahtera app as a requirement to redeem the RM50 e-wallet credit. Once you have the app, the RM50 credit is expected to be credited directly to verified e-wallet partners starting in July until September 2020.

However, netizens are finding it frustrating to register on the app, as high traffic after the requirement announcement caused the app to crash. Over 700,000 registrations were received in a single minute.

Since then, the registration process has been broken down into batches to ensure the stability of the app. However, this means that you would need to wait awhile for your registration to be processed.

Registrations will be processed in batches to keep the app from crashing, so you will need to wait a while before you can use the application.
(Credit: MySejahtera)

Netizens have also raised concerns with the security on the application. They noticed that the app uses the phone’s location tracking to record where you go, which some users found intrusive.

However, others were worried about the data safety, stating that it could be dangerous if the location tracking data was hacked by outside forces.

Other Malaysians also wondered why we have so many different systems record our movements. The SElangkah QR code by the Selangor government that people can scan with their phone to automatically check-in has been deemed sufficiently effective since there is no need for additional app download or permissions.

Stores are using QR codes as a contactless way to record customers and maintain social distancing.
(Credit: TRP)

Still, the MySejahtera app seems to be a good way to get official updates from the government- plus, it allows you to get the RM50 e-wallet credit. Just note that the ePenjana credit can only be used for offline and physical purchases at shops to aid in recovering the economy.

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