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A Small Food Business Under EMCO Found Themselves Being Fed By Tireless Frontliners

A Small Food Business Under EMCO Found Themselves Being Fed By Tireless Frontliners

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The Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) means that no one is allowed to move in and out of the area, including food or grocery delivery services. For a lot of people under the EMCO, food supply is their biggest worry, especially since there has been news of food aid disputes.

Kuan’s is a homecooked food delivery service based in PJ Old Town, which is currently under the EMCO due to a high number of active cases in the area.

However, Kuan’s recently made a Facebook post detailing how they’ve been receiving a generous supply of aid from frontliners for a full week since the EMCO started in the area.

They were originally worried since they woke up to find that their area was put under EMCO with no prior notice, cordoned off with barbed wire.

Since then, their worries have calmed as they were provided food everyday. They took pictures to record exactly what kind of aid they have received. Kuan even joked that they can open a kedai runcit with all the supplies delivered to them.

Day 1 included food essentials such as rice, flour, cooking oil, canned food, and chili sauces. Day 3 included a large tray of eggs, a large sack of potatoes, and coffee. Day 5 included a whole chicken and a large sack of onions.

Day 6 included fresh produce such as tomatoes, brinjals, long beans, a whole pineapple; and also hygiene essentials like toothbrushes and body soap. Day 7 included plenty of Malaysian favourites such as bread, kaya, and instant noodles.

Kuan notes that they didn’t have anything to worry about during the EMCO as long as they don’t leave the house. They passed the time by working from home, completing housework, learning from online courses, and staying healthy with at-home exercises.

They also received periodic phone calls from the Ministry of Health to check on the situation and health of the household.

Appreciate and thank you so much to all the front-liner (PDRM, ARMY, MBPJ, KKM STAFF, RELA, SOCIAL WELFARE) you guys did well!!!

Kuan on their Facebook page

The EMCO is essential to contain active cases to a small area in an effort to prevent a further outbreak of Covid-19. However, as long as everyone follow guidelines, practice social distancing and improved hygiene, and stay at home, we can break the chain of infection together.

See Kuan’s full post here:

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