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Kim Jong Un’s Recent Absence From The Media Prompts Speculations About His Health

Kim Jong Un’s Recent Absence From The Media Prompts Speculations About His Health

Speculations about Kim Jong Un’s health have recently made international news headlines as members of the media noticed his unusual absence during North Korea’s Day of the Sun celebrations.

The Day of the Sun (15 April) is the birth anniversary of Kim Il Sung, the founder and first President of North Korea, as well as Kim’s grandfather. It is said to be the most important national holiday in the country and every citizen is expected to pay respects to their nation’s founder, who was declared Eternal President in 1998. 

Photos of Kim at his grandfather’s birth anniversary would usually be published by the state media every year. As such, his absence from the photos of this year’s celebrations sparked rumours that the country’ Supreme Leader may be unwell. 

He was also reportedly last seen at the Workers’ Party’s politburo on April 11. 

Kim Jong Un could have “underwent heart surgery”

Mount Myohyang.
(Credit: Young Pioneer Tours)

According to Daily NK (a news platform affiliated with the South Korean Unification Ministry), one of its North Korean sources said that Kim received heart surgery at Hyangsan Hospital, located near Mount Myohyang.

The surgery is said to have taken place on 12 April, and Kim is believed to be recuperating in a villa outside Pyongyang.

Daily NK’s source also mentioned that the heart surgery could be triggered by the Supreme Leader’s daily habits and health conditions – mainly obesity, smoking, and overwork.

Both the Chinese and South Korean governments denied that Kim Jong Un was ill

When asked about the North Korean leader’s health condition, China’s International Liaison Department said that they believe Kim “was not critically ill”. 

South Korea’s presidential spokesman also dismissed the speculations, saying that they cannot confirm Kim’s health condition as there are “no unusual signs” in North Korea.

Kim Jong Un’s half-brother was assassinated at KLIA back in 2017

(Credit: WSJ)

The assassination of the North Korean leader’s half-brother, Kim Jong Nam, was one of the biggest news in Malaysia. The incident took place on 13 February 2017 in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, where Kim Jong Nam was smeared with a deadly nerve agent. 

Kim Jong Nam was dead within half an hour. 

Four North Koreans were questioned by the Malaysian police, whereas two women who were seen attacking Kim Jong Nam were arrested. There are still speculations that it was Kim who ordered the assassination of his half-brother.

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