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Essential Services List Shortened In MCO Phase 2
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Essential Services List Shortened In MCO Phase 2

Anne Dorall

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Following a stricter enforcement of phase 2 of the movement control order (MCO), only 10 industries are now considered essential services.

The services are as follows:
1. Food
2. Water
3. Energy
4. Communications and Internet
5. Security and Defense
6. Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management and Sewage
7. Healthcare and Medical (Including Dietary Supplements)
8. Banking and Finance
9. E-commerce
10. Logistics confined to the provision of essential services

At the beginning of the MCO, essential services included port, dock, and airport services; prison; refining, storage, supply, and distribution of fuel and lubricants; wildlife; immigration; customs; and hotels and accommodations. These services no longer classify as essential.

According to phase 2 of the MCO, movement is strictly limited unless you have valid reasons, such as:
1. To purchase food, daily necessities, medicine, or dietary supplement
2. To supply food, daily necessities, medicine, or dietary supplement
3. To seek healthcare or medical services
4. To perform any official duty
5. To perform any duty in relation to any essential services

Movement to purchase essentials has also been limited to a 10KM radius from your home.

[UPDATE: 5 essential services has been added on 3rd April, updated list HERE]

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