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[UPDATED] A Senior Citizen Is Reported To Have Committed Suicide In Hospital Serdang

[UPDATED] A Senior Citizen Is Reported To Have Committed Suicide In Hospital Serdang

Hakim Hassan

*This article has been amended with the latest information provided by the Health Director-General.

A 62 year-old man was suspected to have committed suicide in Hospital Serdang after his body was found on March 27, 7.40 pm.

It was initially reported that he tested positive for COVID-19 on March 25, but this was disproved by the Health Director-General in recent press conference.

It’s a suicide, yes, but not a Covid-19 patient. We test anyone who enters the ICU (intensive care unit) for Covid-19.

So maybe there’s cross infection or other illnesses, but this person was not positive for Covid-19.

Health Director-General Datuk Seri Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah to Malay Mail

His body was found yesterday by one of the nurses who reported incident to the police. Law enforcement authorities said the man was admitted to the hospital for self-isolation.

It was also reported that he was suffering from depression.

Suicide is often a complicated issue that has many underlying causes to push someone to take their life and the person might have been suffering from other problems prior to the diagnosis.

His remains will undergo a post mortem and the police have recorded the statements from the hospital staff involved with the patient and also the man’s family.

The police added that the deceased will be handled by Hospital Serdang.

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