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To Avoid Spreading Coronavirus, People Are Ditching Handshakes For Wuhan Shake

To Avoid Spreading Coronavirus, People Are Ditching Handshakes For Wuhan Shake

Kirat Kaur

As the number of Covid-19 cases continue to spread globally, people are quickly learning to adapt safe practices to prevent infections.

While we’ve seen serious educational guides, it seems that jokes and rap dances might be the new way to effectively teach people how to limit the spread of this novel coronavirus.

Enter, Wuhan shake – a new way to greet people without spreading coronavirus that has now gone viral.

The Wuhan shake is simple enough to do. Instead of using handshakes or hugs to greet people, you just tap your feet against one another – basically a foot shake.

The trend appeared to have emerged from a light-hearted video from China, but it has since taken over social media and mainstream media for its simple brilliance.

Newscasters from Singapore’s Channel News Asia have demonstrated the Wuhan Shake on air and even the President of Tanzania was spotted doing the leg shake with a veteran politician at the State House.

The popularity of this trend follows calls of health officials around the world to refrain from hugging and kissing as greetings. France’s health minister had warned French people to resist doing the nation’s customary double-cheek kiss, while Malaysians have been urged to use the “Salam Malaysia” gesture by placing one hand over the chest instead of shaking hands.

Since the novel coronavirus is believed to spread via droplets that can be spread from coughing and sneezing, hands-free greetings such the Wuhan Shake and “Salam Malaysia” are effective preventative measures.

Salam Malaysia as seen in tourism promotional images.

At any rate, that’s less hand sanitiser wasted and the perfect excuse to just “shake legs”!

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