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Singapore Is Fighting Coronavirus With A Rap Dance For Kids & It’s Kinda Genius

Singapore Is Fighting Coronavirus With A Rap Dance For Kids & It’s Kinda Genius

Kirat Kaur

Fear of the coronavirus outbreak in Singapore is definitely on a different level.

When the government raised the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) to Orange in early February, mass panic ensued, and Malaysians witnessed with bewilderment the images and videos of the islanders wiping supermarket shelves clean of produce and supplies.

Their fears are not for nothing, though. With 81 confirmed COVID-19 cases (as of 19th February), Singapore has the highest number of infected patients in Southeast Asia.

While health experts tackle the medical side of things, the Singapore Education Ministry let out a therapeutic dose of its own- a music video called “Bye Bye Virus.”

The 1-minute video features some pretty “sick” moves, where primary school students dance to the song that pretty much outlines all the precautionary measures one should take to prevent coronavirus infection.

Coronavirus, go away. Coronavirus, don’t you stay. Coronavirus, go away. Coronavirus, down down.

“Bye Bye Virus” via Ministry of Education Singapore.

That’s not all, the music video also features five “soaperheroes” – Wipe up Wilson, Super soaper Soffy, Virus screener Varun, Hands down Hana, and Mask up Mei Mei – who remind the kids how to keep themselves squeaky clean in light of the viral threat bubbling under the surface.

If this video makes you nostalgic for Phua Chu Kang’s iconic 2003 “SAR-vivor” rap, don’t worry because Singapore government also brings him back for a COVID-19 public service announcement (PSA). The only catch is that he’s doesn’t have a, ehm, catchy song this time.

Comedians Get Serious on COVID-19 (English)

“SARS is the virus that I just want to minus!”🎵🎵🎵Guess who’s back, but this time to talk about COVID-19! 🦠🦠🦠Find out how we can take care of ourselves and look out for one another! ❤❤❤For more updates on COVID-19, visit go.gov.sg/covid-19 and MOH's website www.moh.gov.sg#SGUnited #TogetherWeCanOvercome

Posted by Gov.sg on Friday, February 14, 2020

It’s strange, but the rap dance video is kinda genius

True, the rap dance video may seem perplexing but there is undeniable proof that music helps in memory.

One 2008 study pointed out that rhythm, with or without musical accompaniment, can facilitate recall of text. The researchers also realised that familiarity with a rhythm or melody helped in remembering past information.

So it means that the Singaporean government is on the right track to making sure that its young citizens know how to protect themselves during the outbreak.

In that case, we’ll be singing “Coronavirus go away” while remembering the wise words of Phua Chu Kang to, er, “use your brain!”

SARS rap (2003) – Phua Chu Kang

In 2003, during the SARS outbreak, PCK appeared in a music video called "PCK Sar-vivor Rap". This 4-minute-long music video is to teach the local people on how to prevent SARS in Singapore. With the Wuhan virus spreading rapidly, perhaps it's time to resurrect this song.

Posted by Wake Up, Singapore on Monday, January 20, 2020

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