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Kuching Tahfiz school criticised over crazy punishments for misbehaving students

Kuching Tahfiz school criticised over crazy punishments for misbehaving students

Akmal Hakim

A Tahfiz school in Kuching, Sarawak had gone viral over some crazy punishments it has planned for students who are out of line.

Apparently, a copy of a parental consent form from Pondok Hidayatul Mubtadi’ien, asking parents to agree to its absurd disciplinary measures had been leaked online.

(Image Credit: Twitter)

The punishments listed in the consent form include;

  • 60 strokes of the cane
  • Shaving a student’s head bald
  • Dousing students in excrement
  • Standing outside in the sun from Zohor till Asar (around 1 pm to 4 pm)

The form also notes that parents were OBLIGATED to send their kids to school even if they refused to continue on their studies.

Reportedly the Sarawak Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) had contacted the school and spoke with its headmaster.

According to the headmaster, the consent form was merely meant as a deterrent to keep students from misbehaving.

(Image Credit: MEME)

The headmaster also stressed that no such punishments had been carried out on any of the students and admitted to his mistake over sending out the letter.

However, several commenters including the individual who first leaked the concerning letter noted that such ridiculous scare tactics would seriously harm a child’s mental state.

JAIS said that a meeting with each and every Tahfiz school within its jurisdiction would be conducted sometime next week, hopefully, to put an end to such concerning cases.

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You can read the original tweet below.

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