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Bak Kut Teh Is Finally Considered A National Heritage Dish, What Are The Other Food Included?

Bak Kut Teh Is Finally Considered A National Heritage Dish, What Are The Other Food Included?

Some interesting local dishes have been included in the list of national heritage food and announced in the Government Gazette yesterday.

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A list of Malaysia’s national heritage food was announced in the Government Gazette yesterday (23 February) and some interesting dishes made the cut.

A national heritage dish refers to food with origins in Malaysia. As such, the decision to include certain foods on the list had become a debate.

For instance, last year, the proposal to include bak kut teh, a pork rib soup infused with aromatic herbs and spices, in the list of heritage dishes met some hesitance.

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After much debate, bak kut teh was found to have roots tracing back to the Hokkien community in Port Klang. The dish was finally added to the heritage food list yesterday.

Bak kut teh. Image: Malay Mail

Meanwhile, the addition of other food such as uthappam, savoury crepe of South Indian origin, to the list this year was not explained.

Uthappam is usually made with dosa or idli batter and topped with onions and tomatoes.

Here’s the rest of the national heritage food listed in the Government Gazette:

1. Kolok Mee

Kolok Mee is a popular noodle dish from Sarawak. It features thin egg noodles tossed in soy sauce and spices and served with thin slices of meat.

2. Burasak

Burasak is a traditional Malay dessert made popular in Johor. It consists of rice dumplings cooked in coconut milk and palm sugar. It’s then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.

3. Nasi ambeng

Nasi ambeng is a communal Javanese rice dish consisting of steamed white rice, fried chicken, vegetables, sambal, and traditional condiments. It was declared as Selangor’s heritage food in 2022.

4. Dodol kukus tahi minyak

Dodol kukus tahi minyak is a steamed sticky sweet delicacy and is a traditional dish in Pahang.

5. Kuih genggang or kuih lapis

Kuih genggang or kuih lapis is a sweet delicacy said to have Peranakan influence. It’s easily recognisable due to the colourful layers of rice flour.

6. Kuih karas

Kuih karas is a crispy traditional snack said to have origins in Kedah and Borneo.

7. Jeruk tuhau

Jeruk tuhau is a pickled wild ginger from Sabah.

8. Air katira

Air katira is a cold drink made from katira gum, evaporated milk, and fruit. It’s a popular refreshing drink during Ramadan.

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