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Do People Make Babies During Valentine’s Day More Than Other Calendar Days?

Do People Make Babies During Valentine’s Day More Than Other Calendar Days?

Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve are known as holidays for passion between couples.

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Festive holidays are mostly spent with loved ones, family and friends. However, certain days are also known as the sexiest holidays for couples.

Obviously one of it is Valentine’s Day which falls on 14 February while the other one is New Year’s Eve.

According to CNN Health, Valentine’s Day can be a great day for “scheduled sex” considering it’s a day for couples to celebrate their love for one another.

It is the same for New Year’s Eve as the last day of the year is usually filled with excitement of closing one chapter and saying hello to a brand new year.

What Does The Data Say?

We decided to take a look at the government’s open dataset on to compare the birth rates in September and November from the year 2012 to 2022.

This is working off the assumption of a full 40-week pregnancy term and analysing it backwards from the birth rates. Note that the data only involves births registered with the National Registration Department (NRD).

Assuming that babies are conceived in early January (New Year’s Eve) and February (Valentine’s Day), the birth rates we looked at are for October and November.

What we discovered was that there wasn’t much of a difference in terms of birth rates throughout the year from 2012 to 2022 as it stayed above 400k and below 500k for all months.

October was the highest though at 495,591 while November recorded 470,767 total births from 2012 to 2022.

The lowest was February at 418,930.

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Does this prove that the sexy holidays are popular times to conceive? Of course it doesn’t because there are other factors we did not look at such as exact dates and pregnancies that don’t go full term.

But this was just a fun way of looking at the open data so we hope you enjoyed the read.

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