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Netizen Claims Bangi Labour Office Opened Late And Kept Customers Waiting

Netizen Claims Bangi Labour Office Opened Late And Kept Customers Waiting

Twitter user Sarah’s complaints reached Human Resources Minister Steven Sim who had ordered an investigation into the matter.

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It’s an open secret that Malaysia’s civil service leaves a lot to be desired. Tales of civil servants taking extended breaks and exhibiting poor work ethics have been circulating for years. No proper change is carried out although improvements can still be made.

Recently, a Twitter user Sarah claimed that the Bangi Labour Office (Pejabat Tenaga Kerja Bangi) remained closed at 2.54pm.

Sarah claimed that other people were also waiting outside the office with her. They allegedly arrived early but were chased out by the staff inside.

After waiting for some time, the office reopened its doors at 3pm. Sarah claimed the staff were sitting inside the office the whole time people waited outside.

She tagged the accounts of the Public Service Department and the Human Resources Ministry to alert them of the matter.

Human Resources Minister Steven Sim saw her post and thanked her for alerting him. He had ordered an investigation to be carried out.Her post has since been deleted.

Screenshot of the tweet before Sarah’s tweet was removed. Image: TRP

Netizens suggest removing civil servants’ pensions

Netizens who saw her post agreed that it wasn’t the first time civil servants behaved poorly and showed poor attitude towards work. They suggested Sarah lodge a report to the Public Complaints Management System (SISPAA) instead to drive the message home.

Some also suggested removing the pensions as a form of punishment. They believe that civil service jobs should be given to those who sincerely want to work with honesty and trust.

Meanwhile, others defended the staff at the labour office and said the break time on Friday is usually extended.

This was disputed by another person who pointed out that the staff at the labour office should be back at the office at 2.45pm, as shown on the black plaque outside the office, and not dragged until 3pm.

Malaysia’s civil service is bloated; it comprises 1.6 million employees across ministries and agencies, including the military.

There’s a hierarchy of ranks that can span 25 levels from clerk to director-general and secretary-general. Civil servants, once they’re confirmed as permanent staff, get a lifelong career and a pension upon retirement.

There have been talks about removing traditional pensions for new civil servants. Instead of the usual pension schemes, the new proposed scheme will increase contributions to retirement schemes like the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) and the Social Security Organisation for new hires.

This led some MPs who said they were willing to let go of their pensions to be distributed to lower-ranking civil servants.

Hopefully, the investigation will yield a positive outcome, and we can be proud of the quality of our civil service one day.

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