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Netanyahu Staffer Reshares OLD Interview With “Malaysian” [Video]

Netanyahu Staffer Reshares OLD Interview With “Malaysian” [Video]

Hananya Naftali reshared an interview from 2021 with a ‘Malaysian’ known as Victor Yong.

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Malaysians are fuming on social media as Israeli influencer Hananya Naftali dug up a video from 2021 to reshare on his Twitter account where he interviewed a “Malaysian” who appeared sympathetic to Israel.

Hananya Naftali describes himself as “that Israeli who talks to the camera about peace in the Middle East”.

He has close to half a million followers on Twitter.

In an online report, Naftali is said to be Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “close aide”.

He was also the person who tweeted that Israeli armed forces “struck a Hamas terrorist base inside a hospital” but then later deleted it and apologised for the misinformation, claiming that the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) “does not bomb hospitals”.

In the interview video which was traced back on Youtube to 17 December 2021, Naftali spoke to one Victor Yong Jen Ong, said to be a Malaysian who lives in Johor Bahru.

Naftali reshared the video on Twitter yesterday and captioned it: “A brave Malaysian tells the truth about the anti-Israel lies in Malaysia. Israel and Malaysia will one day have diplomatic relations – once radicalism is uprooted.”

Yong in the interview made a bold claim that it was the Arabs that had tarnished Malaysians’ views of Israel.

Naftali opened his interview by saying that he believed Malaysia and Israel could have a great future together despite there being “many radicals (here) who spread hate against Israel”.

He asked Yong who greeted viewers with “Salam Sejahtera” on why there was a lot of hate for Israel coming from Malaysia.

Yong claimed this was because of “misinformation”.

During the interview, Yong was seated in a room against a bookcase. Also spotted are the Jalur Gemilang and the Israeli flag.

Yong claimed that radical Arab ideology has been strong and active in Malaysia for oveer 75 years.

He also alleged that the two Palestinian groups; Hamas and Fatah were active in spreading hate in Malaysia.

Yong claimed there were a lot of misinformation on social media and it became a propaganda to hate on Israel.

He also suggested that Malaysia employed the same move as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain in building diplomatic ties with Israel.

What also made people angry was that he suggested Israel have an embassy ini Malaysia.

Who is Victor Yong?

It is not immediately known if Yong is a Malaysian or not.

On Twitter, the Yong who spoke to Naftali only has 114 followers and his tweets are rather confusing.

While he seemed to be Israel-friendly in his interview with Naftali in 2021, it wwouldl appear he could have changed his mind since as earlier in May this year, he tweeted how “we cannot possibly see Israel as justified” with regard to their persecution of Palestine.

There is also someone with the name “Yong Jen Ong” who is the author of a novel called “Daughter of Palestine”.

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