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This Tune Is Used In So Many Palestine Related TikTok Videos, But Whose Song Is It?

This Tune Is Used In So Many Palestine Related TikTok Videos, But Whose Song Is It?

The tune echoes the struggles and losses experienced by the children in Palestine due to the ongoing war.

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The conflict in Palestine has persisted for far too long, with many unfortunate lives lost to the ongoing crisis. Hence, various individuals around the world have gone above and beyond to create awareness regarding the issue. 

One impactful method is through sharing videos on social media. A popular tune that people have been using in their videos to promote the cause is Atunoa El Toufoule by Remi Bendali. 


Childrens Of 🇵🇸 – Atouna El Toufoule (Remi Bandali Cover)

♬ original sound – johnnygrug666

A lebanese child singer from the 80s, Remi Bandali, once again finds herself in the spotlight. The song Atunoa El Toufoule, popularized by her in 1982, has been gaining traction across various social media platforms.

So much so that Remi recently reposted a clip of her singing the tune on stage as a child. 

Palestine and Israeli crisis 

As to why that is, the composition blending Arabic, French, and English, is a solemn dedication to children living in conflict zones. Atouna El Toufoule, derived from Arabic, translates to ‘give us our childhood.’

The message rings especially true for the children currently in Palestine, as many have lost their childhood and freedom to the war. The song indeed captures the children’s poignant query about the absence of festive decorations during their holidays. 

Palestine Online

With lyrics like “We’ve come to wish you happy holidays and during the holidays we ask you “why is that we do not have any holidays or decorations.” 

The song then continues with their heart-wrenching realisation that it is because they have lost their land and freedom to the war. 

“World, my land is burned down. My land’s freedom is stolen.” 

The song then concludes by encapsulating the children’s desperate plea for the restoration of their stolen childhood and an ardent longing for an elusive peace.

“Give us peace and give us childhood, give us the childhood.” 

Atunoa El Toufoule serves as a moving reminder of the impact of conflict on the most vulnerable members of society, urging listeners to empathize with the struggles faced by children.

It also advocates for a world where every child can experience the joys of a peaceful and carefree childhood.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you feel the same way about how the tune captures the sense of hopelessness of the young victims in Palestine? Or do you think there are other tunes that capture it best? 

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