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Do All Jewish People Support Israel?

Do All Jewish People Support Israel?

Mention the Jewish faith, and a common assumption emerges that this group aligns with the Zionists known for their tendencies to oppress. But is this really the case?

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As is widely recognised, the violence attributed to the Zionist regime seems unending up to this day (8 November).

Indeed, this persistent conflict has tragically led to the loss of tens of thousands of innocent lives in Gaza.

The current occupation of Palestinian territory often leads people to perceive every individual of the Jewish faith as an adversary to the Islamic community.

The Relationship between Islam & Judaism

Ustaz Ahmad Syukri Yusoff suggests that the character and the struggle of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, exemplify Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance.

This is exemplified in his agreements with the Jewish community upon his arrival in Medina, where they were not expelled.

Central to these agreements was the notion that the Islamic state would respect their beliefs.

The Quranic Context

Muslims are urged to refrain from cherry-picking Quranic verses without due consideration of their context.

Dr. Phil. Syafiq Hasyim, a Visiting Fellow at the ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute, also believes that peaceful Islam does not entirely endorse the recommendation to fight against other religions.

He also highlights that some Quranic verses originated in the midst of conflict and were specific to the circumstances of the time.

Not All Palestinians Follow Islam

Israel’s establishment in 1948 led to the Arab-Israeli War and the division of the region into three segments: Gaza Strip, West Bank, and Israel.

This division resulted in approximately 750,000 Palestinian citizens losing their homes.

However, it’s not widely known that Palestine’s population comprises not just Muslims.

According to IMEU, about 93% follow Islam, 6% Christianity, and there’s a small community of Samaritans in the West Bank’s Nablus area.

Anti-Zionist Jews and Their Perspective

Not all Jewish groups endorse the Zionist movement. Opposition to Zionism is particularly prevalent among Orthodox Jews who believe that Israel can only be established through divine intervention.

The term Zionism is derived from Zion, a hill in the Jerusalem area.

One prominent group opposed to Zionism is Neturei Karta, which regards itself as Palestinian residents. This group is located in Mea Shearim, Jerusalem.

Rabbi Meir Hirsh argues that the actions of the Zionist authorities contradict the teachings of the Torah because they acquired the land of Israel through force.

Moreover, this group has demonstrated in solidarity with the Arab community for the liberation of Palestine.

Hirsh sent three of his followers to Jenin to support former detainees accused of terrorism by Israel. They were detained by Israeli police for several days before being released.

Hirsh emphasises that they are traitors to the Zionist cause and do not hide their views. He also claims that there are 70,000 families opposing Zionist occupation in that region.

Jewish Opposition to Israel’s Colonisation in Other Countries

Apart from anti-Zionist groups within Palestine, there are Jewish individuals who oppose Israel’s colonization in other countries. One such figure is Rabbi Michael Lerner in the United States.

In a speech during Muhammad Ali’s funeral, Lerner expressed solidarity between the American Jewish community and the Muslim community and a commitment not to tolerate any disrespect or blame towards Islam.

Through the Progressive Jewish magazine Tikkun Magazine, he has called on the U.S. government to address Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people.

He also believes that Jewish followers believe that every individual is created fairly by God, including the Palestinian people, who should be protected.

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In Conclusion, Not All Jewish Followers Support Israel

Mention the Jewish faith, and a common assumption emerges that this group aligns with the Zionists known for their tendencies to oppress. But is this really the case?

While it’s a common assumption that all Jewish individuals support the actions of Israel, the reality is far more nuanced.

In fact, a significant portion of individuals following the Jewish faith opposes the actions of Israel and supports the idea of Palestinian freedom.

It is important to acknowledge this diversity of views within the Jewish community.

Note: This article has been adapted from Malaysia Bersuara portal.

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