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[Watch] Young Generation Protest For Palestine In Roblox

[Watch] Young Generation Protest For Palestine In Roblox

Since they were unable to join in a real-life protest, they created one in Roblox.

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It is no secret that Malaysia is standing in solidarity with Palestine in the Palestine-Israel conflict and it seems like the youngsters have also joined in the cause and voice out their support.

Recently through a Twitter post by @Salsabeel, it can be seen many youngsters have used a gaming platform known as Roblox to protest for Palestine.

The user stated that her cousin went to the protests in Roblox since she could not join one in real life.

It can be seen many Roblox characters are running in what looks like a stadium entrance holding Palestine flags.

There are also the flags of Palestine that can be seen hanging at the poles by the side of the platform where the characters were running.

These Roblox characters were running toward the centre stage of the stadium and gathered for the protest whereas several other characters which seemed to be leading the protest.

There are even barricades placed just like how a real-life protest would be. Furthermore, there are also banners hanging at the centre stage stating “Soldarity Untukmu Palestine” (Solidarity for you Palestine)

Although there is a spelling mistake in the banners, it just shows how cute and the amount of effort these youngsters have put into this protest.

Many people who saw this video were surprised and heart-warmed by the gesture of the kids.

It is safe to say that the current generation no matter their age is aware of the things that are happening around them and this could be the first time ever youngsters were involved in such a protest of a global crisis situation.

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