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[Watch] Couple Fighting Unearths Horrific Dog Abuse, Netizens Demand Justice For Furbabies

[Watch] Couple Fighting Unearths Horrific Dog Abuse, Netizens Demand Justice For Furbabies

Both are pointing fingers at each other in committing abuse against their pets.

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Recently, videos of dogs being abused have been circulating on social media.

The abuse came to light after a couple broke up and a fake Facebook page surfaced with videos of the dogs being abused, accusing the woman of committing the hideous act.

According to Instagram page @myforeverdoggo, the fake page appeared to have been created by the man who accused his ex-girlfriend of the abuse.

One video showed a dog being beaten with a hanger while another showed a dog limping to enter the cage while yelping in pain.

There are also videos of the dogs being kicked around. There is a particular video where a black dog was kicked twice and once was on its head.

(Caution: Trigger warning)

Based on a summary of the situation by @myforeverdoggo, the woman responded on her Facebook page, pointing the finger at her ex-boyfriend whom she accused of participating in the abuse.

Facebook user Karma Paul also provided a summary of what allegedly happened.

The man claimed he has never abused the dogs. He claimed that he and his ex-girlfriend had seven dogs of which two have already died due to the abuse by his ex-girlfriend.

He further claimed that the ex-girlfriend took away the remaining five.dogs without even asking. When asked about the dogs, the man was allegedly asked to pay a sum of RM60,000 that he owed her.

Regarding the money, the man stated that he did indeed borrow money under his ex-girlfriend’s name, but it was done with her consent. Plus, he has been paying back on time and he stated that he has receipts to prove it.

The ex-girlfriend’s story

According to the ex-girlfriend, she only did what she did as a method of disciplining the dogs to not chew on random stuff and insisted that she never abused them.

As reported by China Press, she said that her former partner had mistreated dogs badly and had threatened to toss the dog down the stairs in order to get her to stay in the relationship.

A police report has been made by the ex-boyfriend and the ex-girlfriend has also stated that she will make a report of the crime once she returns from overseas.

Nevertheless, the real victims are the furbabies, and it is absolutely not right to treat them in such a way.

Netizens were enraged with the issue and demanded justice for the furbabies.

Some of them were heart broken looking at the state of the dogs while some of them wanted to punish the abusers immediately.

Nevertheless, as updated by @myforeverdoggo, the Department of Veterinary Services have stated that they will investigate the matter.

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