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Israel’s West Bank Attack Raises Questions – Bassem Youssef Grills Piers Morgan

Israel’s West Bank Attack Raises Questions – Bassem Youssef Grills Piers Morgan

The intense debate unfolded on the recent episode of ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored,’ which aired on the night of 18 October.

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At present, individuals worldwide, regardless of their political affiliations, celebrity status, or public renown, are rallying behind Palestine in a powerful display of solidarity. 

This unity stems from the increasing exposure of the Israeli terrorists’ actions, actions that have long been shielded by mainstream media and Western organisations.

Yet, those complicit with the Zionist regime continue their attempts to divert from the real truth, continuing to hold Palestine and Hamas fighters responsible for the ongoing conflict. 

Piers Morgan vs. Bassem Youssef – A Viral Social Media Clash

A recent online debate between UK TV personality Piers Morgan and Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef is taking the internet by storm.

This debate, featured on ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’ on the night of 18 October, follows a tragic explosion at Gaza’s Al-Ahli Arab Hospital, claiming the lives of many Palestinians, including women and children.

As conflicting narratives flood social media, Youssef employs the darkest humour to address the collective suicide of human empathy.

At the beginning of the show, Youssef, whose wife is Palestinian, noted that her family had fled their home in Gaza after it was bombed (he showed a photo of its bombed-out facade later on in the segment).

After joking about her “loser” cousin who had “failed all the interviews to be a human shield” and who denied that Hamas was forcing Gazans to remain in their homes, despite the claims of American voices from thousands of miles away, he said:

“We are used to that. It’s just very repetitive. We are used to them being bombed every time and moving from one place to the other. 

Those Palestinians are very dramatic, like aah, Israel is killing us. But they never die; they always come back. They’re a very difficult people to kill. I know because I’m married to one.”

West Bank Attack Without Hamas Presence 

During the debate, Youssef questions why Israel launched an attack on the West Bank when there were no Hamas fighters present.

He acknowledges the need to address Hamas but asks why innocent lives are lost in an area with no Hamas presence.

“What is the excuse to kill people there?” Youssef said.

Youssef then went on to mock the Israeli Defence Forces or IDF and said, “I applaud Israel for doing something no military force in the world does.”

He playfully commends Israel for a unique practice: warning civilians before bombing, saying, “That is so cute.”

Screenshot from Piers Morgan’s interview with Bassem Youssef on ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’.

Morgan’s Evasion

“The question is what is a proportionate response because it’s been different from one year to another,” he said, holding up a chart. “This is the deaths of Israelis to Palestinians, and it changes from year to year; it’s fluctuating like crypto.”

“So my question is, what is the going rate today for human lives?” he asked, noting that, during the 2014 assault on Gaza, there were roughly 27 Palestinians killed for every Israeli, “That is a very good exchange rate.”

However, Morgan deflects Youssef’s questions, asserting that he isn’t responsible for such decisions.

Over 3,000 Palestinian Lives Lost in Recent Israeli Attacks

In response to a Hamas attack on 7 October, Israeli forces launched airstrikes on Gaza, resulting in the tragic loss of over 3,000 Palestinian lives.

More shockingly, Israeli forces assaulted Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza city, causing the deaths of over 800 civilians, including children, on 17 October.

Contrary to the public pronouncements, the horror that unfolded in the hospital in Gaza was neither unimaginable nor unthinkable.

There was, in fact, little left to the imagination as photographs and videos emerged from the scene showing piles of dead bodies, and doctors there held a press conference literally in the middle of charred and bloodied corpses, including those of children.

Youssef’s Satirical Perspective

Youssef’s satirical performance on ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’ spotlights the absurdity of this crisis, rooted in the real experiences of those affected by Hamas’ actions and Israel’s responses.

Youssef compares the relationship between the United States and Israel to that of an abusive partner who portrays themselves as the victim. He suggests that Israel’s actions reveal a different truth.

“Israel wants you to believe that they are the victim,” he said. “You look at Israel as Superman, but they’re really Homelander. They are shooting fish in a barrel and they’re annoyed with the splashes.”

Watch the Full Debate

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