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[Watch] In-Flight Drama: AirAsia Passengers Scold Foreigner Who Insulted Crew Over Flight Delay

[Watch] In-Flight Drama: AirAsia Passengers Scold Foreigner Who Insulted Crew Over Flight Delay

The foreigner behaved poorly towards AirAsia passengers and flight crew members, and even refused to talk to the flight captain.

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Malaysian passengers on a recent AirAsia flight AK6310 from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Langkawi told off a foreign passenger after he threw a tantrum in the plane.

The flight was supposed to take off at 9.10am but was delayed due to cargo issues. The foreign passenger who got impatient of waiting allegedly began insulting the flight crew members.

In a video by TikTok user Sophian (@SophianAzmi), the foreign passenger could be seen arguing with security and refused to move from his seat when ordered to get off the plane.

The other passengers started to mock and scold him for further delaying their flight by being difficult.

@sophian_azmi kau buat peel lah mat🙅🏻‍♂️dah satu hal nak delay pasal kau sorang malaun.#fypシ゚viral #airasia #takutjanganikot ♬ bunyi asal – SophianAzmi
@sophian_azmi seboleh boleh kau tak nak keluar yer….😂🤣😂#fypシ゚viral #airasia #takutjanganikot #melakapeople #langkawi ♬ bunyi asal – SophianAzmi

Another TikTok user Sue (@mdmsue03) happened to be sitting beside the foreign passenger and recorded video from her side too.

In her video, the foreign passenger claimed he never insulted the crew. When he was told the captain asked to meet outside, he refused to go.

The security tried to get him off his seat but he refused to move and told the security that he wasn’t going to stand up.

I didn’t insult, bro. Tell the captain I didn’t insult nobody.

The foreign passenger said to one of the security personnel

He also challenged an unknown person to “talk it out” outside the plane. It was around this time the other passengers chimed in to tell him to go.


flight delay sebab masalah kargo, pramugari dah pun info pada dia,Masih juga buat2 tak faham bahasa,siap di 🐷kan pramugari tu, mendapatlah kau..habis lembut dah security tu panggil dia keluar,tetap juga keras kepala..awalnya 2 orang security datang..

♬ original sound – I’M SUE

♬ original sound – I’M SUE

In another video, he was allowed to return to his seat after talking to the pilot. The plane finally took off for Langkawi around 10.10am.

However, he continued testing everyone’s patience during the flight. Upon landing in Langkawi, he kept yelling “Cowards!” at no one in particular.

When some passengers wanted to confront him at the Langkawi airport, he apparently quickly disappeared or ran away.

So far, AirAsia has not released a statement regarding this incident.

@mdmsue03 Replying to @yed.izz ♬ original sound – I’M SUE

nilailah sendiri..dari dalam flight klia sampai ke airport Langkawi..dia asyik menguji kesabaran penumpang lain.

♬ original sound – I’M SUE

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