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Buckle Up, KL Police To Conduct Massive Traffic Ops From 1 July

Buckle Up, KL Police To Conduct Massive Traffic Ops From 1 July

This operation will be conducted in collaboration with many other enforcement agencies.

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A massive integrated traffic operation known as “Operasi Hormat Undang-Undang Jalanraya Polis KL” (operation obey traffic laws) will be launched on 1 July by the Kuala Lumpur police in an effort to reduce various traffic infractions.

This operation will be done in collaboration with many other enforcement agencies such as the Road Transport Department (JPJ), Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and the Department of Environment (DoE) and the Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department, according to city police chief Datuk Mohd Shuhaily Mohd Zin.

About 1,000 policemen and officers will be involved in this operation, with each agency focused on the offences that fall under its purview.

Also, in the operation, reckless drivers will be educated on the importance of following road rules through Ops Didik.

Furthermore, background checks will be done on reckless drivers in order to check their criminal records and traffic offences and action will be taken against workshops that carry out illegal vehicle modification.

Shuhaily also added that throughout the operation, the Kuala Lumpur Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department would work together to address drug-related cases.

“The nature of this operation is to discipline, educate and advise road users to obey all traffic rules as well as the rules of the other enforcement agencies involved,” he stated as reported by Bernama.

This is very important as there are already 895 investigation papers on traffic offences initiated from January to May this year.

Besides that, according to a report from Malay Mail, following a special discount from the police over three days of the lengthy Aidilfitri weekend, a total of RM21.36 million in unpaid traffic fines was collected.

Just imagine how big the amount would have been if the traffic fines were paid without the discount.

This has become a crucial issue in our country because in a city like KL, people tend to spend most of their time travelling in a vehicle to work and home.

According to a traffic index that was released by Tom Tom for the year 2022, KL placed 143rd globally on time spent on road during rush hour which is 159 hours.

Thus, it is important to adhere to the road rules to ensure the safety of oneself and the other road users because a small mistake may cost a life.

Just recently, a video went viral on social media where a biker who ran a red light was involved in an accident with another biker at a T-junction.

Moreover, there was a also a recent case where one biker lost his life due to another biker who didn’t adhere to the rules.

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These are just two cases that have been highlighted here. There are many more happening out there.

To make matters worse, according to a study published on Research Gate, it was stated that with an average of 23.8 deaths per 100,000 people, Malaysian road users are ranked as the worst in South East Asia by the World Health Organisation (WHO) Global Status Report on Road Safety. The actions of drivers are one of the key contributing causes to the problem.

Therefore, the importance of following the rules on the road is not just to prevent oneself from paying traffic fines but it might just save a life and we are pretty sure no one would want blood on their hands.

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