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Mother Shares Her Child’s Bad Preschool Experience, Other Parents Say Chinese Preschools Are Better

Mother Shares Her Child’s Bad Preschool Experience, Other Parents Say Chinese Preschools Are Better

Another parent said teachers in Chinese preschools will always update parents about their children in school.

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A mother, Cik Lara, shared on Twitter about her poor experience sending her child to a preschool. Her child came home with marker pens drawn all over the body. Previously, her child was also bitten until it bled.

Cik Lara also said her child was fed junk food in school and that was why her child seemed to be famished by the time they get home.

Another parent shared her experience in a Chinese preschool

Another parent, Sarini Zainal, shared a different but better experience at a Chinese preschool.

Sarini said the teachers in that preschool would always meet with the parents to update them about their children.

Even if the child was bitten by mosquitoes, the teacher will apologise to the parents.

The school also allowed sleepy children to rest in class and the teachers would remind parents to let their children get enough sleep.

When it’s time to go home, the teachers will remind children to listen to their parents at home.

Preschool boss has a PhD in Early Childhood Education

Sarini added that there are a lot of Malay teachers working in that school. The teachers told her that the boss is strict and prioritises the children and their parents.

The preschool boss also has a PhD in Early Childhood Education and used the knowledge to run the school properly.

During the school’s sports day, a special VIP tent is prepared for parents and it’s also equipped with a section for breastfeeding mothers.

The teachers will be on the field with the children. The children are also fed nutritious meals during the event.

Other netizens shared similar experiences when they sent their children to Chinese preschools.

Twitter user iqaAckerman shared that she didn’t even need to open her own car door because the teachers will open it for her and invite her children out of the car.

Paul Tan of said the teacher would immediately inform him if his child drew himself all over with a marker pen during class.

Netizens also praised Chinese preschools for being mindful of food preparation for children.

Twitter user Hasseena said her sister wasn’t allowed to bring sweet drinks and her clothes remained clean and neat the whole day.

A preschool teacher chimed in to say that they are all trained, as shared Sarini, to ensure parents that the school fees are worth it.

Teachers give their all to care for children in school, including dietary needs and teaching basic life skills like using the toilet, playing with them and making sure they have enough rest.

Another Twitter user said the teachers in Chinese preschools were also paid well. She was paid around RM1,400 a month and worked half-day from morning until 2pm.

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