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Son Of Accused Dog Abuser Apologises, Insisted Dad Loves His Farm Dogs

Son Of Accused Dog Abuser Apologises, Insisted Dad Loves His Farm Dogs

Shi said his father adopted the abandoned dogs and continued to care for them despite his poor health.

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The son of the man who was accused of dragging a dog to its death behind a car has written a version of the story on his Facebook.

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Shi Shanwen (transliteration), the son of Heng Kee Roasted Pork’s owner, started by listing give reasons why he didn’t clarify the issue when the news broke.

The following reasons explained why he didn’t speak up sooner:

  1. He wasn’t at the scene when the incident happened and he didn’t want to say anything inaccurate. He was at a temple with his mother in Seremban in the evening at the time.
  2. What everyone saw in the video did not tell the whole picture.
  3. He admitted that his father was wrong, but denied he was a dog abuser.
  4. He wanted public anger to die down a little before coming forward with his story.
  5. His father lodged a police report on the day of the incident and didn’t evade his responsibility.

What happened according to Shi?

Shi said the dog in question was new to the farm and kept attacking the poultry and other dogs on the farm. To manage the issue, his father decided to move the new dog to another farm.

However, it proved difficult to get the dog into the car as the dog kept biting and barking. Shi’s father was worried about getting bitten as he’s also diabetic.

He thought tying the dog to the back of the car and slowly driving to the other farm was a good solution. He claimed the dog cooperated and didn’t make any sound during the journey.

He only realized something was wrong when a man, Rajes, forcibly stopped him. Shi claimed his father wanted to take the dog to the vet after discovering what happened, but was stopped by Rajes and some men.

Screenshot from a previous viral video posted by Rajes Rajes/FB

They allegedly took away his car key and refused to let him leave. When the police arrived, the group allegedly still refused to hand over the car key.

By the time his father got back the key, it was too late to look for a vet. He was then recommended a vet in Seremban only to find that the vets are all closed on Sundays.

Shi claimed his dad had no choice but to try treating the dog’s wounds on his own before heading to the police station.

When the police finally visited the farm around 10pm to check on the dog, it was too late as the dog died from its injuries.

Despite the harsh criticism by netizens, Shi’s father buried the dog and continues to cook food for the farm dogs daily.

Shi reiterated that his father isn’t an animal abuser and loves the dogs on the farm. Shi’s father allegedly adopted the abandoned dogs and cared for them daily despite his poor health and frequent hospital visits.

Shi said the people in the village know that his father always carried buckets of food for the farm animals and the dogs, regardless of the weather conditions.

He ended his post by asking why the group of men didn’t help to get the dog treated and prevented his father from doing so. He wondered why the group did not prioritise to save the dog that day.

Despite all the grief the incident caused, Shi repeatedly apologised for his father’s poor actions.

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