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Local Animation Company Faces Backlash For “Toxic Employee Gossip” In Podcast

Local Animation Company Faces Backlash For “Toxic Employee Gossip” In Podcast

In the podcast, the managing director, creative content director, lead scriptwriter, and human resources manager discussed workplace “drama”.

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Gossiping about employees has significant negative effects on the workplace environment and can harm both the individuals involved and the overall organisation.

Recently, local production company Les’ Copaque Production Sdn. Bhd. (LCP), known for its popular Malaysian animation Upin and Ipin, faced criticism from netizens due to a podcast they uploaded on their YouTube page. 

In the podcast, the managing director, creative content director, lead scriptwriter, and human resources manager talked about their and workplace “drama”.

Netizens quickly condemned this behaviour as unprofessional and toxic, pointing out that the employees were likely unaware of the discussions happening among their superiors. 

While they did not specifically name any staff member, the topics discussed included employee bonuses, salary comparisons, medical leave, and even minor instances of tardiness.

Commenters expressed disappointment, stating that for a supposedly “family-friendly” animation company, the treatment of their staff seemed poor.

To all Les’ Copaque employees , your bosses are talking bad about you openly. It is very unprofessional and quite frankly, shows how immature the upper management in handling these matters. For something as family friendly animation, it is sad how they treated their staff’s well being.

awanistatix89 on YouTube

Some users commented that they had heard rumours about LCP’s toxic work environment in the past, making the podcast revelations unsurprising.

No surprise, I’m not even working in the animation industry, but the LCP toxic environment was something I knew 5-6 years ago. Hahahaha, this podcast confirms that.

NICK Studio on YouTube

They criticised the employers for openly speaking negatively about their employees on a public platform with millions of subscribers.

If they shit talk their employees this hard on a public podcast on a channel with 17.5 million subs, imagine how harsh they are in private. I pity these employees, their bosses truly do not give a shit about them.

Nathan on YouTube

The irony of certain topics discussed on the podcast was also highlighted by viewers. 

One user pointed out that the HR manager mentioned that employees were not allowed to discuss office issues on their personal social media accounts, yet the higher-ups themselves were engaging in similar behaviour on a live podcast with millions of followers.

HR kata staf tak boleh kutuk company di media social peribadi, tapi HR pulak boleh kutuk staf di media social company yg ada 17.5 juta subscriber! check your ego katanya… mohon crew podcast letak cermin besar dalam studio.

Muz FPV on YouTube

Adding on, here are several reasons why it is considered wrong for employers to engage in gossip about their employees.

Gossiping About Employees Violates Their Right To Privacy And Dignity

Employees have a reasonable expectation that their personal information and professional matters will be kept confidential within the workplace.

When employers engage in gossip, they breach this trust and create an atmosphere of insecurity and unease among employees.

Gossiping About Employees Undermines Trust And Erodes Morale

When employees discover that their employers are gossiping about them, it damages the employer-employee relationship.

Employees may feel betrayed, undervalued, and unmotivated, which can lead to decreased job satisfaction and productivity.

Gossiping can also create a toxic work culture characterised by rumours, division, and animosity among coworkers.

Gossiping About Employees Can Result In Biassed Decision-Making

If employers base their judgments and actions on rumours or unsubstantiated information, it can lead to unfair treatment and discriminatory practices.

This not only harms the individual employees involved but can also lead to legal repercussions for the organisation.

Gossiping Creates A Culture Of Negativity And Unprofessionalism

It sets a poor example for other employees and can foster an environment of fear and insecurity.

It hampers open communication, collaboration, and teamwork, hindering the overall success and growth of the organisation.

In summary, gossiping about employees is wrong because it violates their privacy, erodes trust, damages morale, promotes biassed decision-making, and creates a negative work culture.

This incident involving Les’ Copaque Production Sdn. Bhd. only highlights the negative consequences of gossiping about employees.

The public backlash serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining professionalism, respect, and confidentiality within the workplace.

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