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Passenger Had To Drive Himself After E-Hailing Driver Behaved Erratically

Passenger Had To Drive Himself After E-Hailing Driver Behaved Erratically

Twitter user Amirul decided to take over the wheel when the inDrive driver drove dangerously and was seemingly in an unstable mood.

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Twitter user Amirul (@mhmd_amrll) alleged he had a scary experience while using a ride under the e-hailing company, inDrive.

From the get-go, the driver made a fuss when he stopped at the wrong pickup point to fetch Amirul. Amirul didn’t want to fight so he walked towards the other pickup point.

Once in the car, the driver told Amirul to wear the seatbelt and not to be afraid because he was allegedly a doctor and held up a stethoscope as proof.

Amirul got scared when the driver drove dangerously fast and almost hit three cars. The driver then asked Amirul if he has a driving license.

Amirul said he does have a driving license but didn’t bring it with him. This somehow upset the driver who started wailing and crying out for his mother.

Throughout the whole ordeal, Amirul kept in constant contact with his friend who he was meeting up with via text so she knew what was going on.

Image: @mhmd_amrll/Twitter

Amirul decided to take over the wheel

At this point, the driver allegedly hit three cones on the road near the SMART highway. Feeling nervous, Amirul offered to drive the car instead and asked the driver to stop by the roadside.

While driving the car, Amirul said thoughts ran through his mind and he thought he was about to get murdered.

Meanwhile, the driver said he was sleepy and dozed off in the backseat. Upon reaching the destination, Amirul asked his friend to meet him.

When the driver saw that Amirul’s friend is a woman, he kept trying to force Amirul to bring her into the car because he wanted to get to know her.

Amirul refused and quickly paid the driver RM20 instead of the agreed RM35 fare (as initially quoted).

The driver still had the audacity to ask to be paid RM50, but Amirul immediately left with his friend.

Amirul had reported the incident and unpleasant experience to inDrive.

So far, inDrive has responded to Amirul on Twitter and apologised for his poor experience.

They said the driver’s behaviour isn’t accepted in the company and asked Amirul to drop them a message with the necessary details associated with his account to help with investigations.

Netizens were appalled by the driver’s behaviour. They also advised Amirul not to ride with inDrive again because the company doesn’t possess a license permit from the Land Public Transport Commission (APAD).

Without the APAD permit, a netizen claimed that passengers can’t claim insurance if they get injured in a road accident.

This also led to another netizen sharing a list of e-hailing companies with valid APAD permits to operate their vehicles.

Some netizens never had a problematic inDrive driver and said they liked the app for its negotiable fares. They also acknowledged that there was also a safety risk in paying cheap fares.

A netizen claimed to have had the same driver as Amirul and reported similar behavioural issues from the driver.

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