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Bike Parked Along Sidewalk Sparks Heated Debate About Lack Of Parking Spaces

Bike Parked Along Sidewalk Sparks Heated Debate About Lack Of Parking Spaces

Twitter user Adam’s picture of motorcycles parking on the walkway drew a heated discussion about the lack of parking spaces for vehicles and the need to improve our public transportation.

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Twitter user Adam (@ad4mJohnston) recently posted an image showing motorcyclists and car drivers breaking the rules and parking their vehicles in illegal spaces, and said that it’s one of the reasons why Malaysia will never be a developed country.

His tweet quickly stirred a fiery debate regarding the lack of parking spaces. Some also claimed that Adam could only see the fault of motorcyclists but turned a blind eye to cars parking by the yellow line.

In response, Adam said the motorcycles that were parked haphazardly on the walkway were a nuisance to pedestrians.

A netizen suggested having parking boxes drawn for bikes but the idea was quickly shut down because some claimed that there would still be motorcyclists who wouldn’t use the parking spots.

This issue also showed that the problem might get worse without proper urban planning seeing that the number of vehicle ownership keeps rising.

A netizen managed to put the issue into perspective by pointing out that there are 3,287,081 registered motorcycles in Klang Valley but each shopping mall only provides around 300 parking spots, which leads the other motorcyclists to park on sidewalks.

In a June 2022 news report by NST, a road safety expert Professor Dr Kulanthayan K.C. Mani of Universiti Putra Malaysia said there are 33.3 million registered vehicles nationwide compared to a population of 32.6 million.

Out of the 33.3 million registered vehicles, 47.3% were cars; 46.6% were motorcycles, and 4.7% were goods vehicles. The remaining were buses, taxis, self-drive car rentals and others.

Another person shared that motorcyclists in Taipei also park on the walkway but the vehicles don’t block pedestrians because the walkways are really wide.

As always, the debate always returns to improving our public transport service to lessen traffic on the road.

One person said the solution isn’t to build more parking spaces but to improve access and walkability in these areas so fewer people need to drive to the location.

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