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Should Parents With Children In Strollers Use The Lift? Some Malaysians Don’t Think So

Should Parents With Children In Strollers Use The Lift? Some Malaysians Don’t Think So

A parent’s lament online regarding the long waiting time for the lift to arrive drew a mixed response.

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Parenting and raising a child is hard, but some people think parents deserve to suffer because they chose to start a family. And to be honest, that’s some messed-up rationalisation.

Recently, a parent lamented that they had to wait for a long time to use the lift at KLCC. Ameen Azizul was waiting for the lift with his baby and his wife, who’s five months pregnant.

Even when the lift stops at their floor, the lift was full of young people who wouldn’t give way. In the end, they decided to fold up the stroller and use the escalator.

Netizens have their say

A few netizens empathised with Ameen and shared their experiences as parents in the shopping mall.

A netizen Yana said she once held the lift door open and asked everyone healthy to get out so that her mother in a wheelchair and a baby in a stroller could get in.

Another fellow parent Noraini experienced a similar issue at another mall and was upset at some people’s lack of common sense.

Some netizens also pointed out that the signs outside the lift remind the public to give way to the elderly and parents with young children.

However, some netizens criticised parents for going out to a shopping mall. They said no one forced parents to go out of their homes and they should accept being tired.

A netizen Firdaus Othman said single people also get tired and parents aren’t the only ones.

Critics also gave advice such as telling parents to use another lift, asking others in the lift to leave each time and using a baby carrier.

There are others who spoke against the critics too. A netizen voiced disappointment regarding some of the self-centred comments.

He questioned why the youths insist on using lifts when they could use escalators. People in wheelchairs and parents with children in strollers should be given priority to use the lift because they need more space.

It’s really just good manners

Giving way to the elderly and pregnant women is just good manners, thoughtfulness and kindness.

A netizen Jeffrey Ryan @jeff_carlito explains it best. By modelling good behaviour, his children will follow his actions and so forth.

Doing little acts of kindness and showing some empathy and care is how society can make the world a kinder place.

Based on the comments in the original Twitter thread, we definitely need more kindness and thoughtfulness in society.

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