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Crafting Connections: Malaysian Entrepreneurs Shine On Shopee

Crafting Connections: Malaysian Entrepreneurs Shine On Shopee

It’s not just about shopping – it’s about connecting, sharing, and celebrating the essence of Malaysia.

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In the vibrant world of online shopping, two standout sellers are capturing hearts and changing the game for Malaysian businesses. Meet #ShopeeSapotLokal sellers Lampu Cherita and HomeDecoStore, two Shopee-savvy entrepreneurs who have transformed value-based shopping into an art form.

Crafting candle magic with Lampu Cherita

(Credit: Shopee Malaysia/Lampu Cherita via Facebook)

Founder Mohd Zaid Othman of Lampu Cherita is more than a candle maker – he’s a magician of scents, weaving stories through his handcrafted creations. 

Zaid’s mission was simple yet profound, to bring the luxury of high-quality candles within reach of every Malaysian. His locally-sourced 100% soy wax candles not only rival international brands in quality but do so without burning a hole in your wallet, starting at just RM7!

Zaid’s secret sauce lies in his personalised approach. Through Shopee Seller Chat, he engages in friendly conversations, offers tailored recommendations, and unravels the world of scents. 

This interaction isn’t just transactional – it’s an exchange of values and interests. His dedication has earned Lampu Cherita an impressive 4.9-star rating from 19 thousand reviewers and a following of 23 thousand since joining Shopee five years ago.

But it’s not just about candles – it’s about family, community, and a dash of Malaysian identity. With the help of his family and a couple of part-time staff, Zaid hand-pours 50 to 100 candles daily, infusing each one with the essence of Malaysia.

From the 200ml Scented Candle line, featuring uniquely Malaysian scents like Pandan, Coconut, and Lime Basil Mandarin, to Zaid’s story of determination, Lampu Cherita is more than a store, it’s a celebration of Malaysian spirit.

HomeDecoStore: Where creativity meets spirituality

(Credit: Shopee Malaysia)

Step into the world of HomeDecoStore, where Edward Wong discovers the demand for high-quality yet affordable mini sejadah (prayer mats). 

Attuned to the voices of his Muslim staff, he harnessed their insights to create the ‘HDS Sejadah Muka’, a mini prayer mat that has taken Shopee by storm.

What sets Edward apart is his commitment to personalisation. Through Shopee Live, he engages customers in a 360-degree view of his products, ensuring each prayer mat resonates with its owner’s heart. 

But it doesn’t stop there. Edward knows that engagement needs a sprinkle of fun. Shopee Coins and the Spin the Wheel game are his secret weapons, fostering loyalty and excitement in equal measure.

Edward’s dedication has borne fruit – 34,000 loyal customers, a 4.9-star rating from over 10,000 reviewers, and an impeccable Chat Performance of 100% within minutes for four years. His journey isn’t just about prayer mats – it’s a fusion of cultural awareness, creativity, and unity.

Shopee: A seller summit for Malaysians

The magic of Shopee lies not only in its user-friendly interface and convenience but also in its ability to nurture local dreams. 

Lampu Cherita and HomeDecoStore are shining examples of how this platform supports and amplifies Malaysian values. By utilising the power of Shopee Seller Chat, Shopee Live, and interactive games, these sellers have turned transactions into conversations, and customers into family.

As Lampu Cherita and HomeDecoStore have proved, it’s not just about shopping – it’s about connecting, sharing, and celebrating the essence of Malaysia. So next time you’re scrolling through Shopee, remember the stories behind those products – stories of passion, innovation, and the colourful tapestry of Malaysian values woven into every purchase!

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