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We Baby-Proofed Our Clueless Millennial Boss’s Bedroom

We Baby-Proofed Our Clueless Millennial Boss’s Bedroom

And lucky for us, there was PayLater by Grab that lets us pay for our purchases at the end of the month or split payments into four monthly instalments.

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So when we found out that our boss and his partner were having a baby, we were thrilled. After all, he’s a great boss, a nice guy, and we knew that he’d be a fun and loving dad.

But we also knew that he can be a bit clueless sometimes and tend to take things too seriously. Typical millennial, right?

Some of us were also worried that with all the sleepless nights, the constant diaper changes and the endless amounts of baby bottles, he’d have a little trouble balancing between his career and his daddy duties.

(Credit: user18526052 via Freepik)

Hoping to relieve some of the oncoming baby burden off his shoulders, we decided to pull our resources together and surprised him with an early Father’s Day gift by helping to baby-proof his bedroom and turn it into a nice, cosy and most importantly, a safe nursery for the baby.

The first thing we needed to do was to get his partner in on the surprise and gain access to their home to see how much work needed to be done.

And oh boy was there a lot to do! There was large furniture everywhere. Wires, cords and devices are all over the place. And an assortment of stuff scattered on the floor — All things you don’t want anywhere near a curious child.

(Credit: TRP)

With the intel we got, we got together putting a list of things to get started on our project. With a few squad members being parents themselves and some having tonnes of babysitting experience, it was a piece of cake.

But, since it was nowhere near payday, we had to figure out how we were going to pay for it all…

Lucky for us, there was PayLater by Grab that lets us pay for our purchases at the end of the month or split payments into four monthly instalments.

This was great because aside from giving us the flexibility to manage our payments, there’s no interest and no fees (as long as we pay on time). We also get to enjoy more value from our purchases with GrabRewards.

And since PayLater is now acceptable for in-store purchases at plenty of fashion stores, health and beauty outlets, tech and gadget traders, and eateries nationwide, it made it easy for us to split the workload and get to shopping in no time — So off we went!

(Credit: TRP)

And after all the shopping was done, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work:

1. We got these cute and convenient foldable storage boxes at Miniso to store items and keep small or sharp objects away from the baby.
(Credit: TRP)

2. Assembled a crib right next to the parents’ bed so the baby has a safe and comfortable place to rest close to mum and dad.
(Credit: TRP)

3. Some cable management to keep live wires and power outlets away from the baby.
(Credit: TRP)

4. Installing safety locks and latches on the windows and cupboards.
(Credit: TRP)

5. Got a baby monitor so mum and dad can keep an eye on the baby when they’re occupied with other things. The ALL IT Hypermarket was a great stop to look for wireless cameras and other gadgets that’ll turn any room into a modern, teched-out baby nursery.
(Credit: TRP)

6. Installed a baby gate for the doorways so the baby can stay safe and protected in the now baby-proof bedroom.
(Credit: TRP)

7. We even made a small play corner for the baby to chill out with the toys we bought at Isetan Kuala Lumpur which has a great selection of useful household and lifestyle products for both parents and their growing child.
(Credit: TRP)

We were done just in time for our boss to arrive home and surprised him with his now baby-approved bedroom. Needless to say, he was overjoyed and thankful for the thoughtful gift!

We humble employees, of course, did it all for the love and admiration we had for a genuinely nice boss — But who knows, maybe we’ll finally get to go on that company trip he’d promised to take us on a lil’ sooner 😉😝

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