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Becoming A Master Builder With Lego’s Bugatti Bolide & Ford GT

Becoming A Master Builder With Lego’s Bugatti Bolide & Ford GT

Lego Technic: Bugatti Bolide & 2022 Ford GT is a great project for the whole family and provide hours of fun.

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Lego is one of the most iconic things of all time. Loved by generations of kids and adults alike, these simple yet ingenious toys let anyone turn plastic bricks, tiles and tubes into whatever they can imagine.

Over the years, Lego became a phenomenon that has not only influenced our playtime but also our pop culture.

So when Lego rang us up to give their latest line of Lego Technic vehicle sets a try, you can bet your bottom ringgit that I’d be the first in line to take on the challenge.


Taking on the Technic

Unlike traditional Lego sets, the Lego Technic line introduces specialized pieces which let you build complex models with realistic functions and features.

Some Technic models also come with motorised functions that let you interact with, and make em’ look and feel more real.

From spaceships to supercars, these model kits come in a variety of designs that are both fun to play with and make for an appealing collector’s item and decoration to adorn your home or office.

The Bugatti Bolide and 2022 Ford GT models that I got were no exception, especially for the motorsport enthusiasts out there.

With their detailed design and intricate building process, both model kits are a great way to pass the time, whether you are looking for a fun activity for yourself or the kids.

(Credit: TRP)

I woke up and built a new Bugatti

With it being my first time working on a Lego Technic set, I started my build with the smaller of the two kits, the Bugatti Bolide.

This model is a 1:16 scale replica of the mesmerising race car that made its official debut at the historic 100th anniversary of the 24-hour Le Mans endurance race in France just recently.

Lego’s Bugatti Bolide came with a total of 905 pieces and included some lifelike features including a working 16-cylinder piston engine, steering wheel, scissor doors, and a striking, black and yellow colour scheme.

Straight out of the box, the kit included a booklet with building instructions and pieces that were neatly packed and separated into sections that made the assembly clear and easy.

But I found it way more convenient to follow the building guide provided on the LEGO Builder mobile app as it gives more detailed, step-by-step directions in 3D. With the app, you can rotate, and zoom in and out of each section of the build.

(Credit: TRP)

The app also makes it easy to pause while building the model before getting right back to it because of the progression goals or checkpoints you gain as you complete each section of the kit.

Despite being a little intimidated by the number of tiny pieces that needed to be put together, I really enjoyed building the car and exploring all the little details and functions that it has to offer.

The build was challenging, but it wasn’t frustrating. Some pieces did take a little bit of elbow grease to fit together. And although I did mess up a couple of times during assembly. It was surprisingly easy and intuitive to repair those mistakes by referring to the 3D manual and with a lil’ ingenuity.

(Credit: TRP)

I was also surprised by how long it took me to complete the set. From start to finish it took me around five hours over the course of two days to assemble the car. But, with some videos and music playing in the background, the car felt like it was completed in no time.

The finished model looks dope AF with its skeleton-like structure and the details that it has. My favourite part about it is that you can see each individual engine piston move up and down as you roll the car forwards or backwards.

(Credit: TRP)

Fixing together a Ford

Learning from experience, I employed a pair of extra hands to complete the 1:12 scale replica of the 2022 Ford GT—a modern version of the emblematic GT40 that dominated race tracks like the Le Mans back in the 60s.

Together with my younger brother, who is himself a master kit builder and enjoys assembling mechas as a hobby. We split the workload 50/50 and spent around seven hours completing the build.

This was super easy to do because the LEGO Builder app provides you with the option of building kits with up to four people so you can have fun together. All we needed to do was follow the instructions to assemble the car in separate sections before piecing it together as a whole.

(Credit: TRP)

The 2022 Ford GT is definitely bigger and more intricate than the Bugatti. It has over 1400 pieces that, when completed, look amazing with its electric blue paint job and white racing stripes.

And the best part is, almost every part of the model car works as you’d expect it to. You can pop the hood open. Swing open the doors. Adjust the rear spoilers. See the engine move when you roll it around. Play with the steering wheels and the gearshift. And it even has functioning suspensions!

(Credit: TRP)

Fun for adults & kids, but…

Both the Bugatti Bolide and 2022 Ford GT are fun and engaging model kits that adults can enjoy building and tinkering with just as much as kids can. But before you decide to buy em’ or any other design in the Lego Technic line, here are some of the pros and cons that I feel need to be mentioned:


  • The model looks great and is a faithful recreation of the cars in brick form.
  • The building process is challenging and engaging. It requires you to use your creativity and problem-solving skills.


  • The sets can be expensive. So it might be something you might want to get as a gift for someone or yourself only on special occasions.
  • It may be a bit too challenging for beginners, especially younger children. So they may require extra guidance and supervision.
(Credit: TRP)

Overall, the Lego Technic Bugatti Bolide and 2022 Ford GT are great projects for the whole family and can sure provide hours of fun.

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