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Feeling Bored On The Weekend? Have An Artsy Free Time Here

Feeling Bored On The Weekend? Have An Artsy Free Time Here

GMBB aims to be an accessible community-led space for art, culture, and everything else.

Anne Dorall

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Let’s admit it, everyone loves art. It’s human nature to admire beauty in all forms, after all. Yet for many, we seem to see art as something inaccessible, a world apart, or just… expensive.

That’s when you should drop by GMBB in Kuala Lumpur to get your dose of art and culture. It is touted as a “creative community mall”, but it’s also more than that.

We just want a place where art is accessible to everyone, without any barriers to entry.

Lim Ying Xian, curator of GMBB to TRP

Local Art & Exhibits

The big overarching theme of GMBB is local artists. You will find many exhibition spaces here set up to display gorgeous art: everything from paintings to sculptures to crafts to textiles.

Each exhibition lot comes with little plaques to introduce the artist and the art, but for the most part everything is fully open to the public. Visitors are free to browse at their leisure, take photos, pose with the art, or simply admire it at a distance.

It’s also a good chance to see some jaw-dropping local talent up close and personal, such as Eddie Putera’s incredibly realistic dioramas. These miniature snapshots of Malaysian life will definitely amaze you with their detailed and faithful recreations, from our iconic kapchais to signature colonial architecture.

Get up close and personal with Eddie Putera’s dioramas.
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

Or if you’re keen on modern pop culture with a unique Malaysian twist, why not drop by a take a closer look at some Star Wars or superhero shadow puppets at Fusion Wayang Kulit’s gallery?

Darth Vader, Kylon Ren, and Stormtroopers are given a Wayang Kulit makeover!
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

These artists are hosting their art at GMBB for the long-term, both for display and for sale, but there’s always new limited-time exhibits and showcases.

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Almost every corner is a great opportunity for photos, with lighting and backdrops everywhere, so take the time to walk around and browse.


GMBB is also surprisingly kid-friendly, in the sense that there is a lot here to entertain the children. Like adults, kids will also naturally be attracted to colourful art and pretty drawings, so don’t be surprised to find them wandering off to look at things.

Left: a child’s first experience playing congkak, middle: Jessica Pang from Wizards Within, right: a child entertained by soft toys.
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

Drop by to see local children’s storybook developer Wizards Within, where you can request a custom-made storybook for your child and their friends!

They also occasionally host children’s story-telling sessions which are bound to entertain the young ones.

Of course, adults are still expected to keep an eye on their children, but if you think your child is getting too much screen time, why not try to foster a love of art, reading, and culture instead?

There are also a good selection of specialized bookstores, from a unique Musuem of Picture Book Art that hosts picture books from all over the world, to free reading corners stocked with free reading materials, to a fun second-hand bookstore selling Taiwanese books and bookish items.


If you’re looking for more to do, GMBB always has new workshops, marketplaces and activities popping up.

A good majority of these exhibits, galleries, markets, and classes are completely free to the public, but certain workshops hosted by craftsmen require a booking and a fee.

There are children art classes for the kids to try their hands at guided craft, or workshops for adults to learn pottery-making or batik painting or more.

Then enjoy a nice cup of old school Malaysian tea time (at surprisingly affordable prices) at some of the hidden “kopitiams” and homely cafes tucked away in a corner.

Jiak Kopi sells Penang-style food and drinks at a price you’d be surprised to find in a shopping mall in KL.
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

From handcraft markets like Pingmin Market to pottery showcases, traditional beading workshops, or even artisanal skincare pop-up stores, there’s something for everyone.

But even if the only “do-ing” you want to do is to wander around freely and unhindered, GMBB has that too.

Check out GMBB’s Facebook or Instagram to keep updated on what’s happening.

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