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Why Does Your Laptop’s Carbon Footprint Matter?

Why Does Your Laptop’s Carbon Footprint Matter?

Since technology has made our carbon footprint bigger than ever, our best bet is to purchase from brands that care about the planet.

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What do we usually consider before buying a laptop? Most of us look at which brand to get, the laptop’s specifications, design, and how suitable it is for our intended use. 

But how many of us actually factor in the environmental impacts of our laptop purchase?

The production of more than 272 million new computers annually suggests that the manufacturing IT sector contributes just as much greenhouse gas pollution to the atmosphere as the entire aircraft industry. 

On average, a new laptop produces 331 kgs of carbon dioxide (CO2) during manufacture.

This means that just three brand-new laptops generate around a thousand kilograms of CO2, which is comparable to filling an entire three-bedroom house.

(Credit: Cameron Casey/Kampus Production via Pexels)

The production and materials needed to make the motherboard, SSD and display account for the majority of a laptop’s emissions, which range from 75% to 85% of its entire carbon footprint.

In addition to the CO2 emissions, 190,000 liters of water and 1,200 kilograms of dirt must also be dug out and mined. Mercury, lead, chromium and other heavy metals are frequently found in the parts of a standard laptop that supply electricity and sustain performance.

Most manufacturers also claim that 6% to 12% of the CO2 emissions from laptops are caused by transporting laptops by air from the manufacturing location to its country of use.  

Although a laptop’s energy consumption varies depending on daily usage, lifespan and manufacturer, it’s estimated that the average carbon footprint of a laptop is 422.5 kg – a sum that includes emissions from manufacturing, shipping, and the first four years of usage.

Since it’s pretty evident that technology has made our carbon footprint bigger than ever, our best bet is to purchase from a brand that cares about sustainability and making a positive impact on the planet.

In 2020, the Acer Group successfully reduced its global carbon emissions by 60% via energy management and green energy use.

Also since 2020, the Acer Group achieved 44% renewable energy use and uses recycled paper for packaging of all Acer laptops. 

These green designs have prevented the use of 20 million plastic bags and 8,750 kgs of paper pulp. 

Over 50 metric tonnes of batteries were recycled and manufactured into new ones as a result of Acer’s internal recycling initiatives, with the participation of over 75% of Acer employees from 50 different countries.

(Credit: Jem Sanchez/ via Pexels)

Last year, Acer took their commitment to sustainability one step further with the introduction of Earthion – a platform that brings together the strengths of the company, its supply chain partners, consumers and employees to help resolve environmental concerns with creative and integrated solutions.

Earthion aims to continue to reduce carbon footprint in logistics, use green packaging and product designs, recycle and repurpose materials and move towards using 100% renewable energy.

By extending their efforts to partners and suppliers, Acer aims to create a larger circle of impact for the planet.

This year, Acer Day’s “Make Your Green Mark” campaign encourages sustainable practices to further drive the importance of collective efforts to make a “green mark.”

(Credit: Acer Malaysia via Facebook)

As part of the campaign, Acer introduces the #Acer21Days Challenge from 15 August to 30 September. The challenge invites Malaysians to reduce, reuse and recycle through a variety of activities and even win prizes worth up to RM50,000!*

Here’s how you can participate:

Step 1: Register at

Step 2: Complete the 21 Days Challenge to win a guaranteed gift.

Step 3: Unlock a landmark to win an exclusive gift.

Step 4: Complete selected tasks to win a weekly gift.

Participants who complete the challenges also stand a chance to take home an Acer Aspire Vero  – Acer’s green laptop that’s made from 30% post-consumer recycled plastic in the chassis, saving around 21% in CO2 emissions.

(Credit: Acer Malaysia via Facebook)

On top of that, Acer Malaysia is working with APE Malaysia to plant a tree for every purchase of select Acer devices from 3 August until 30 September. Eligible customers just need to register via to be entitled to receive an e-certificate for the tree planted for them. 

The trees will be planted in Lower Kinabatangan, Sabah to help wildlife such as the Bornean orangutans and Borneo Pygmy Elephants.

(Credit: Acer Malaysia via Facebook)

You will also stand a chance to win amazing prizes up to RM250,000 with a purchase of a new Acer device. And when you shop on Acer’s eStore between 8 August until 30 September, you can enjoy discounts up to 60% and stand a chance to win trips to Phuket, New Zealand and Turkey!

If you have old, unusable gadgets and you don’t know what to do with them, here’s an idea – bring it to Acer and trade them in for a brand-new Acer Aspire Vero and enjoy rebates up to RM500.

(Credit: Acer Malaysia)

Let’s support Acer’s amazing initiatives to make the world a greener place, and do your part to leave a green mark on the planet!

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