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Want To Give Her Flowers? Here Are Some Types Of Flowers To Get You Started

Want To Give Her Flowers? Here Are Some Types Of Flowers To Get You Started

Some of these are cultivated in Malaysia while most of these are imported. That’s why they’re expensive.

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From beauty, passion to even death, flowers come in different types and colours each symbolising various meanings and occasions. Flowers can be for casual gifts, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, condolences and loads more.

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If you’re a fan of flowers, you might know these types of common flowers. But to those who haven’t got a clue what baby breaths even are, well this list is for you.

Send this list to your flower virgin friends or partners to get them well acquainted with the types of common flowers. Who knows, this could be a subtle way to tell them your favourite flower. Valentines Day is coming, you know.

1. Roses

The most mainstream of it all. It’s impossible to not know this one. Roses come in different varieties and colours and are generally associated with love and romance.

You’re sure to make a lady blush by giving her red roses.
(Credit: ECohen / Flickr )

Fun Fact about Roses: Apart from being the national flower of the United States of America, did you know that you can eat roses? What?!?

2. Lilies

No wonder Lily is one of the most popular flower names for a girl, they’re gorgeous flowers! While a lot of flowers have the name lily in them but are not actually lilies (e.g. Calla Lily, Water Lily, Daylily), true lilies come from the genus Lilium. They signify purity and fertility.

Considered true lilies, Pink Lilies signify admiration and feminity. (left). Calla or Arum Lillies (right) don’t actually come from the genus Lilium.
( Credit: hannekez, Dimitrijevic / Flickr )

Fun Fact about Lilies: They may be ranked the 4th most popular flower across the globe, but sadly, they can also be poisonous for your cats.

3. Daisies

Daisies are found everywhere on Earth except for Antarctica! Representing innocence, purity and true love, Daisies comes in different types, colours and sizes. The most common Daisy is called the English/Lawn Daisy or Bellis Perennis (the white petals with yellow disc floret).

Common Daisies (left) and Gerbera Daisies (right).
( Credit: Fimb, Kara / Flickr )

Fun Fact about Daisies: They are actually two flowers in one! The petals count as one flower while the cluster in the middle is considered the other flower.

4. Orchids

Known to be an exotic type of flower, this popular houseplant is associated with fertility, virility and sexuality. Uhh, be careful to whom you give these. Orchids come in different shapes of flowers, some impersonating bees, spiders and even monkeys.

Some Orchids can live up to a hundred years!
( Credit: Powers / Flickr )

Fun Fact about Orchids: Apart from having a long lifespan with the correct care, did you know that vanilla beans come from a type of Orchid?!?

5. Tulips

The name Tulip originated from the Persian word for “dulband” (turban), as the full bloom bulb looks like a turban. They are known to symbolize perfect or deep love, rebirth and charity.

The Tulip Mania‘ once swept the world crazy as it caused the price of the flowers to skyrocket, crashing the markets.
( Credit: Rodovnichenko / Flickr )

Fun Fact about Tulips: Although native to Central Asia as a wildflower, now, Holland is the largest producer of Tulips, exporting around 3 billion bulbs per year.

6. Chrysanthemums

Also known by Chrysanths or Mums, these flowers can carry the meaning of happiness, life, respect and even sympathy (Europeans associate them with funeral flowers). They are one of the four noble plants in Chinese culture, along with plum blossoms, orchids, and bamboo.

Mums were cultivated in China centuries ago to be used as herbal remedies.
( Credit: yewchan / Flickr )

Fun Fact about Chrysanthemums: The Japanese call this beautiful flower ‘Kiku‘ and celebrate the National Chrysanthemum Day on September 9th, also known as the Festival of Happiness.

7. Sunflowers

Coming from the same family as the Daisy, Sunflowers are called so because of their tendency to position themselves to face the sun. These yellow, vibrant and large flowers signify joy, positivity, and loyalty.

Sunflowers can grow very tall and some flowers are very big in size.
( Credit: CGWF / Flickr )

Fun Fact about Sunflowers: Apart from being Ukraine’s national flower, their spiral seeds follow the Fibonacci sequence. You can give this to your mathematician friends.

8. Carnations

Also known as the flowers of the gods, Carnation petals look spiky like they’ve been cut by pinking shears. Found in almost every colour, they generally signify fascination, distinction and love.

You can even change their colour with food colouring.
( Credit: Turner / Flickr )

Fun Fact about Carnations: Red Carnations are the national flowers of Spain and Slovenia.

9. Hydrangeas

Native to Asia and South America, hydrangeas come in large balls of petals and can be in various colours from pink to blue. While it varies across colours, they represent gratitude, apology and heartfelt emotions.

Good for ornamental designs, potentially deadly for consumption.
( Credit: Oatsy40 / Flickr )

Fun Fact about Hydrangeas: Although Hydrangea Serrata’s leaves are usually used to make tea, most Hydrangeas flowers are considered moderately toxic if ingested (contain cyanogenic glycosides). They’re not like roses, that’s for sure.

10. Baby’s Breaths

These little cute tiny flowers are usually used as filler flowers, the ones used to bulk in flower arrangements, much like the purple statice flowers. Living up to their name, these flowers are associated with innocence (perfect for baby showers) and everlasting love (commonly used in weddings).

They come from the same family as Carnations.
( Credit: ashlimckee / Flickr )

Fun Fact about Baby’s Breaths: Some parts of the plant can be used in cuisine while the flower itself has chemicals called saponins which have possible anti-cancer fighting properties.

Worthy Mentions: Irises, Daffodils, Alstroemerias,

Just to add some extra types of flowers you might see before but don’t know their names.

Irises come in all colours but they are breathtaking in blue and purple. Traditional Daffodils are usually yellow or white. Alstroemerias are usually called Peruvian Lillies and that’s why they look like lilies.

Irises (left), Daffodils (middle), Alstroemerias (right).
(Credit: bk1bennett, IH, Kelly / Flickr)

So, impress your significant other with these types of flowers you just learned. You can also surprise them with a bouquet of these mixed flowers once in a while. Just make sure your significant other is not allergic to pollen. That could make a messy Valentines Day.

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