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Men Who Care About The Environment Are More Attractive To Women

Men Who Care About The Environment Are More Attractive To Women

Because if men care about the environment, they’re also likely to care about their partners, too.

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Well, well, well. We already knew that being eco-friendly was beneficial for the environment, but now it looks like doing so will also be beneficial to our love lives.

A recent study found that while it was true eco-conscious men were perceived as more feminine, this doesn’t actually turn out to hurt their chances with women.

In fact, being eco-conscious and exhibiting such “feminine” qualities is actually sought after by women because these actions signal men’s long-term mating value and is a reliable sign that they are good partners.

The study was conducted via an online survey in the USA. Men were shown images of green and non-green products and then asked to make inferences about who would buy these products, including whether or not they would be committed fathers to their children or committed partners to their wives.

The study results showed that men who owned green products were eco-friendlier, more altruistic, and more importantly, are perceived to be better dads and partners. These results agree with previous research that men who engage in eco-friendly alternatives are seen as more caring, less selfish, and more committed.

Basically, men who engage in eco-friendly behaviours are more desirable to women who are looking for long-term relationships, because it signals being a good long-term partner.

So if you’re looking for love, maybe start by loving your environment first! And who knows, the right one might just be attracted by your attention to being eco-friendly.

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