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One Month Of MCO: How Well Have You Adjusted To The “New Normal”?

One Month Of MCO: How Well Have You Adjusted To The “New Normal”?

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It’s been exactly a month since the movement control order (MCO) first started. While the MCO has so far lasted longer than some people’s relationships, there’s no doubt that this one month will live in Malaysian history… at least for a while.

Despite how Malaysians worried at the beginning of the MCO, it seems like the one month has allowed people to adjust quite nicely to “the new normal”.

A month ago, we thought we would go stir-crazy doing nothing at home. Now, most of us have found a way to manage a relatively healthy work-life balance… even if we are working and resting in the same space.

A month ago, we took meeting our friends and family for granted. Now, we truly understand what a blessing it is to be able to meet and spend time physically with each other.

A month ago, we first started using conference calls for work purposes. Now, it’s replaced almost everything: connecting grandparents and grandchildren, celebrating birthdays, continuing your weekly workout classes, and even participating in a philharmonic orchestra.

How fun was it trying to teach grandma and grandpa how to use video calls?
(Credit: Freepik)

A month ago, we were always tired from work and never had time for ourselves, spending our hours stuck in a jam. Now, we’ve found new ways to use our time: with a new interest or rekindling an old hobby.

A month ago, we complained about being lazy and fat. Now, some of us have found time to work out and stay fit- even if they’re alone at home.

A month ago, most of us might have had a habit of just eating out because it was easy. Now, with more time at home, some of us have found a new love for the kitchen and cooking more often.

When else would you get to bond with your family this way?
(Credit: Freepik)

A month ago, we took our health for granted, thinking that we’ll never get sick. Now, we’re more than aware of how easily a person can succumb to diseases and take extra care into keeping ourselves clean.

A month ago, we walked past the clutter in our houses everyday with no energy to tidy up. Now, some of us have remodeled entire rooms and made our living space so much better.

A month ago, we were all terrified and scared at the extreme lengths to save the country. Now, as we watch the rate of infection drop before our very eyes, we can say that we did well, and the MCO was worth it.

There’s only 10 more days (hopefully!) of the MCO left, but it’s likely that social distancing will still be a part of our lives. Are you prepared?

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